“Leave him out of this!” She cried desperately. “He has nothing to do with this, I just met him today!”


“It would seem that meeting you could be dangerous,” The man sneered. “So are you going to show me the notebook or do I have to do this the hard way?”


“Why can’t you leave me alone?” Madison demanded. “I’ve never done anything to you! And you can’t have that notebook, its too dangerous!”


“Which is why I want it.” The man sighed. “I guess it’s the hard way.”


The man came towards her with the tube of lotion and Madison felt a sweat break out on her forehead.


“Jason!” A gruff voice called from somewhere behind the shelves.


The man, who Madison figured was Jason stopped and turned around. She was a little relieved to finally know his name, because not knowing it had made the situation creepier.


“What?” Jason demanded, annoyed by this sudden interruption.


“That kid is here.” The voice from previously commented. “And he’s alone.”


Oh no! He shouldn’t have come here! She felt her heart turn to stone and fall through her stomach. Now we’re both in trouble…


Brian stumbled into the aisle, bumping into one of the shelves and causing the books to fall over and lean against each other. He had on a brave face, but she could tell that he was scared.




“I couldn’t leave you here. I would never forgive myself if I didn’t come.” Brian smiled faintly at her.


“You didn’t have to come…” She trailed off. “We barely know each other.”

The End

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