"I see our little birdy is awake." The man smiled.

"What do you want with me?" Madison demanded.

"I'm sure you know why you're here." He said continuing with his uninviting smile.

"No. Why don't you give me a hint?" Madison had an ugly suspicion percolating in the back of her mind.

"We need that notebook." Was his only answer.

"I had it with me." Madison replied, her heart speeding up.

The man frowned. "You know perfectly well that's not the notebook I'm refering to."

Madison was silent, and stared at the floor as if it might hold the answer to escape.

"We have ways of making you talk."

Madison looked up warily.

"Yes, Cliche I know, but its cliched for a reason." The man's gaze darkened. "So are you going to tell me where it is?"

She returned her gaze to the floor.

"I didn't think so," She heard a tube pop open and looked up with alarm. The man smiled again and held it up for her to see. "Since I can't kill you, I think I'll make you extremely uncomfortable."

She felt sweat break out on her forehead as she read the label. Ketacoximine.

"Ketacoximine." He said, as if reading her thoughts. "I know this will give you some nasty hives."

"No!" She cried. "You know I'm allergic!"

"Well maybe your little friend can save you." 

The End

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