Frantic Musings

Panting hard and clutching at his chest for the sharp pain, Brian slowed his jog to a hurried walk. How he cursed his asthma! But then he never really had been that good at jogging in school. The library was just up ahead and he clambered up its smooth grey steps, heartbeat thumping in his ears. He marched through the automatic doors and began sweeping his eyes frantically about the serene quiet area, looking for Madison, clues, anything. Soothing whirring from the photocopier in the corner did nothing to ease his nerves. He was vaguely aware of a fairly old lady dressed all in periwinkle, stooping over the electronic counter with a stack of books who was giving him a concerned look over her fragile glasses.

"Are you alright, young man?" She enquired kindly.

"Erm..." He shook his head frowning, "Er, yes, yes!" he replied hurriedly. "Everythings fine." He smiled, meeting her unconvinced gaze. What use would it do telling a random old woman that someone he'd just met had been kidnapped? Or something...It all sounded so film-like and far-fetched. Did people even get kidnapped these days? Shaking his thoughts back to the matter in hand, it suddenly occured to him that being here now was no use. He glanced at the clock hanging on the cream wall. It was still only three in the afternoon. They weren't due here for another 9 hours then. He rubbed his sweaty forehead in exasperation and absent-mindedly wiped his palm on his jeans.

Sitting down down on the nearby blue felt couch, Brian propped his elbows up onto his knees and furrowed his eyebrows in hard concentration. What was he going to do...go to the police? They hadn't written anything on the note about not contacting the police. Were they that dumb? Usually, there was something like 'we're watching you!' He unscrewed the note from his clasped fist and re-read it. No nothing. But, he didn't want to take any chances.

He couldn't understand why they would want to kidnap her though. Whoever 'they' was or were. Oh, he hated not knowing a thing. Perhaps she was some sort of spy and now the criminals she was hot on the trail of, had finally caught up with her. She didn't seem like the type of girl to be a secret agent though. But then they never did, did they. Argh, what was he thinking about?! Now was not the time to let his thoughts wander. There was surely a rational explanation to all this. There always was. He always found himself blowing things way out of proportion and then kicking himself afterwards for not being more sensible and trustworthy of the assured monotony and ordinary occurences of everyday life.

But still this was pretty major. It wasn't everyday you met a girl and on your next meetup, some mysterious invisible man or whoever, drops you a note about coming to the library before midnight or 'she will suffer'. He shuddered at the thought of what this 'suffering' might be and the fact that he was reponsible for the outcome.He didn't much like the idea of having someone else's life in his hands. But he couldn't fathom why he had to go there at all. What did he have to offer? Maybe it was nothing to do with her. Perhaps it was him they wanted. But what could they possibly want with him?! He didn't have any secret information.

He swiped a shaking hand through his ruffled black hair and sighed, sitting back against the back of the couch. All this thinking wasn't doing any good. He had to take action. There was no point gallantly meeting these kidnappers on his own; he didn't possibly trust himself. He knew his own cowardice all too well. There was nothing else for it but to go the police. They were used to this sort of thing, surely. Yes, he would do that. No point pretending he was invincible James Bond or anything.

He stood up suddenly and wished he'd hadn't as his head whirled and his vision clouded for a moment. I bet that never happened to James Bond, he thought bitterly. A few seconds later, he strode out of the exit with a sense of purpose and a feeling of slight intrepidation. Well more than slight if he was to be honest.

The End

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