In the darkness

Madison began to gain consciousness and flicked open her eyelids. Several thoughts swept over her all at once. Why did she have a thumping headache and her body tingle painfully all over? And why was she all tied up with this awful tight tape over her mouth that made it so hard to breathe! Then the oppressive wave hit her. She remembered now. That stalker. Being chased and then clambering desperately over that wretched electric fence. The pain throbbed again and she winced. But where was she now? She was instantly aware of low muttering voices in the background. Sweeping wild eyes around her in the darkness, she soon began to make out the familiar rows of bookshelves she so loved, now eerily standing by offering no symphathy or aid in her helpless state. She quickly figured out she was near the back of the library, and now accustomed to the darkness, she matched the voices with 2 figures standing nearby; one burly male with his elbow resting on a low solitary book rack, half facing towards her, showing his stubbled complexion cast into moonlight that shone through the small windows. The other taller man stood rigid, facing away from her, his features hidden. They both wore non-descript dark clothing and seemed deep in conversation.

She couldn't help thinking how stereotypical this all seemed. Kidnapped by two opposite looking men; tied up in the darkness. She was surprised they didn't seem to have New York accents. But suddenly it didn't seem all that amusing; this was no longer a story in a book she could fling aside and forget about. Suddenly, the taller man glanced over in her direction and she instinctively looked away. Bad mistake. She could hear their voices change pitch in recognition and one of them began to approach. There was only one thing she could think of that would explain why she was here. What else could it be?

The End

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