This Time It WAS A Stalker

Madison walked down the street reflecting the events of the day. She had met a wonderful guy named Brian and he liked her writing!
But he was stalking you. said the practical voice in her head.
Madison mentally rolled her eyes. Please. It’s not like I didn’t slow down when I saw him in the window. It’s not like I wasn’t disappointed when he wasn’t there.
So what you’re saying is you’re both crazy. said the voice.
Madison sighed. No… There was just some mutual watching going on.
She stopped at a red light. The skin on the back of her neck prickled.
OK. Now, I know someone is stalking me.
The light turned green and Madison sprinted across the street. She heard footsteps quicken behind her.
She turned a corner into Pyle’s Yard. She could escape over the fence, she knew she was the faster one.
She came to the fence and jumped and grabbed it.

A jolt of pain swept through her body. The fence was electrified!
Her last thought as she fell to the ground was….

This was planned.

The End

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