Jacob Mastersen

Shae set the letter and backpack on the ground of the room then went back downstairs to help unload things. When she got down there, however, the movers were practically done so she just stayed on the front porch and watched her father as he laughed with one of the movers. Suddenly, she got an image of her mother as she told Shae about her father. 

Her mother was sitting in a red velvet armchair next to a lit fire place. It was dark outside, the little ones had gone to sleep hours ago. Shae had woken up from a nightmare and for some reason listening to the story about how her parents had met always seemed to calm her down. She'd been six at the time and missed her father dearly. Now as Shae thought of those days, she wondered why she had missed him so much. He didn't deserve to be in her thoughts after what he'd done to their family. Yet even now as she stood there, staring at Jacob, her mother's story came back to her.

Jacob Mastersen had never been one to settle down in a single place. He always had to be moving and he hated to look back. Why he decided to return to New York then was a mystery to everyone that knew him. He met her one day at the park while taking pictures of the birds. She had been sitting on a bench a little ways away from where a flock of geese had landed, a book in her hands. At first he decided to just ignore her but when he came back the next day there she was again! Sitting in the same place but with a different book. 

This happened for a week and finally he'd decided to go say hi. When he'd gotten closer to her he noticed how beautiful she was. Her long dirty blonde hair shimmered in the sun. Her dark brown eyes seemed intense as she became sucked into the book. When he sat next to her she seemed surprised that anyone had noticed her. The talked for a long time that day. Jacob became drawn to this girl as their conversation got more and more friendly. As she left, he stayed on the bench with the weirdest feeling he'd ever had before in his life. Never had he felt this emotion. It was then that he realized he hadn't asked her name.

The next day, he returned but she wasn't there. Panic rose within him. He had to find out who she was! He just had to! Maybe if he got to know her even better he'd figure out these strange emotions he was feeling. He came back every day for an entire year, praying each day that his mystery girl would return. By the end of the year he was about ready to just give up. It had been a cold snowy January morning. Jacob had been about to leave the park when he saw a familiar figure sitting on the bench. Relief and excitement flooded through him as he approached.

She smiled as she saw him approaching her. This time Jacob's first question was her name. The answer to his question helped him quell his anxiety. Chloe Harley. That very same day he asked her to come to dinner with him that Saturday. She agreed and they kept talking until sunset. After that, they saw each other more and more. Then one summer evening, he proposed. They got married the following winter and moved out into the country. There they stayed. They had six children. Four boys and two girls. Shae, Jayden, Alex, Thomas, and the twins: William and Willow. 

Some say it was the fact that he wasn't used to staying in one place. Other's say he just couldn't handle taking care of six children or having a steady job. That was the most common reason people talked about but no one know for sure why he just up and left with no explanation. Chloe had to then get a job to support the family. The only place that would hire her was some sort of industry that required her to move around every year in order to advertise or something along the lines of that. Then ten years later there's a knock on the door. Shae happened to be the one that answered it.

There standing in the door was a man who looked some what familiar but Shae wasn't able to place why.

"Shaelyn, is that really you?" he'd asked staring at her with a strange look. Shae could feel him examining her as she stood confused in the door.

"Do I know you?" Shae demanded as she stared back at him. He put on a huge smile.

"Shaelyn, it's me. I'm your dad."  Shae had taken a step back at these words. 

"Mom!" she'd called into the house, not taking her eyes off of the man. "I think you might want to come here!"

"Who is it?" her mother's voice had risen from the depths of the current house they'd been living at that time.

"He says he's Jacob." Shae replied just as her mother got to the door way.

Chloe had invited him in with excitement. The other kids weren't there so they didn't find out about the plans their parents concocted until the next day but after much 'thought and deliberation', they decided it would be best to spend the next year in Jacob's new house.

Shae was brought back to reality as Jacob approached her with that friendly smile he always wore.

"Did you find a room?"

"Yes." and with that she walked away before he could utter another sound.

The End

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