The Tower and the Note

Shaelyn Harley has never stayed anywhere longer than a year. It's totally normal for her and with each new move comes a new personality, whether it be a bad girl or some kind of prep. But something about this new move changes and Shae decides to be someone she hasn't been since her parents divorced.... Herself...

Shaelyn Harley hopped out of the drivers seat of her brand new Jeep Wrangler and stared up at the new house. This had to be, by far, the biggest house they'd ever moved into. It wasn't even a house exactly. The building seemed to be some mix of a house and a miniature castle. It had that housey look that you saw with all houses but with a circular tower rising from the center of it. The large stone wall that surrounded the place, however, made it seem like some kind of prison. The giant yard was very well cared for and looked like it just came out of the movies. Shae prayed she wasn't going to have to be in charge of keeping the yard looking this nice.

Footsteps sounded pulling Shae out of her awed thoughts. She turned to see her father, Jacob Mastersen, walking towards her. He smiled at her and placed an arm around her shoulder, not noticing her flinch at his touch. 

"What do you think?" He asked in his good-natured way. Just then her siblings hopped out of the giant truck her father owned. 

"I had it first! Give it back!"

"It's my toy though! I bought it!" 

Shae rolled her eyes and had to stifle a groan as her younger siblings continued to yell at each other. Why did they always have to fight? Quickly, she took the opportunity to release herself from her father's grip, grab her backpack out of her car and head into the house to claim a room before her siblings.

Once inside, Shae began to explore this unknown territory. She took on look at the ground floor and decided to check the upstairs first. In all her study of houses, Shae discovered that the better rooms were never on the bottom floor unless you were only in a one floor home. As she examined the room she found none were to her liking. She was beginning to get a little worried but then she remembered the tower and turned her objective to finding the stairs that led to the tower.

She searching everywhere and found nothing. Shae was just about to give up when she spotted a brown door in the middle of the floor. Slowly she opened it and looked inside. There, standing before her, was a wooden spiral staircase that led up. It was then that she heard her siblings rushing up the stairs. Not wanting them to find this place she step inside and shut the door. Then, without hesitating, she started up the stairs.  They seemed to go on forever but Shae was determined to find out what was at the top. She passed a window and stopped to look through it. She saw her father telling the movers where to put their things. 

Jacob was a very handsome looking man with his neatly cut blonde hair, sturdy cheek bones and athletic build. His bright blue eyes always sparkled for a good time. Everyone liked him, even those who barely knew him! Everyone except Shae that is... It wasn't that she hated him at all she just couldn't get past the fact that he's the one that left her mom ten years ago and it was only now that he'd decided it was time to get to know his children. Her younger siblings didn't know all of the information that led to their parents divorce and they had been ecstatic to know that they'd be living with their father this year. 

Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, Shae turned away from the window and kept walking. Finally she reached the top of the stair case. In front of her stood a white door. This door was unlike any of the other doors in the house. Carved on it were many different kinds of flowers and animals. Shae gently ran her hand across the door before her hand found the door knob. She turned the knob and entered the room. One look and she knew this was the room she was going to choose. 

It was a large circular room with a giant window that seemed to claim half the wall. The part of the wall that wasn't part of the window was painted with the most beautiful sunset she'd ever seen! The amber sky filled her with awe as she stared at it. As she turned her head however, she noticed that it wasn't quite finished. Shae stepped closer and noticed the faint pencil sketch that seemed to have faded away. Taped to the wall was an envelope. Curiously, she took it off the wall and opened it. Inside was a letter that held only four words.

Finish what I started.

The End

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