section 3Mature

Spider slinks into the lounge and sits up next to me on the floor. He crosses his legs and frowns. ' That was a nasty thing to do! I enjoyed hanging there in the breeze.' I turn to look at Spider, I don't comment. Spider continues, ' I would watch Wind blowing throw my web, sometimes he would blow flies onto the strings of web so I can eat them. But not now. Now I have to find somewhere else to build a web before I can even begin making another one. ' He scowls at me, his eyebrows flaming in his anger, 'Why couldn't you just go round?' He uncrosses his legs and walks off in a huff. Wind looks at me, shrugs his windy shoulders and turns back to the plans for the bomb. ' Some people take these things too seriously. I was going to blow his web away this week.'

Let me tell you about Wind. He, I think he is a he, I have never seen him but he sounds like a boy and that's all I have to go on. Anyways, like I said, I think Mum fancies him because she is always opening the windows and letting him ' blow through the house.' I'm not sure what sort of Dad Wind would make, he isn't around all the time. Mum comments sometimes that she would like a cool breeze and none comes.


The End

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