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My lip is getting wet so I'm gonna go inside and work on my latest project. I'm building a bomb that will blow up the swimming pool that I have to use in school. i hate that pool cos there is a a thick green slime on the bottom of the pool and I am scared that the slime will grab me and eat me. So I'm going to blow up the swimming pool to kill off the slime monster. My mate, Billy Wishaw, asked what would happen if the slime monster eats the explosion and grows so big that it can eat the town? Well, i had to go away and think about that. People could die if I don't make this bomb properly and I like the man who opens the door for me at the swimming-pool, I think he works there. I wouldn't want him to die, he smiles when he sees me and reminds of my grand-pop.

In the living-room I dodge passed my Mum and jumped down to my work-place. I have a purpose-built built desk where i have space to create the equations for my bomb. I don't think i want Mum to know what I am building yet, Mum could be a swimming-pool spy and she could try to stop me blowing up the pool and killing the slime monster.

I have set out my tools, the blue and black ones go on the right, the string, tape and paper go on the left.

The curtain above me over the window twitches and I slowly look up to see what caused the curtain to move. It could be Wind. I like Wind, he is a good friend to me and my Mum. I think Mum fanciesthe Wind, she is alway asking the Wind to dry our clothes on the washing line or inviting the Wind to look around our house and blow out any goblins who might be lurking in the corners of the room. Wind whispered a squealy 'Ho!' and invited me to come outside and play guns and soldiers. I wave Wind to my work-desk and invite Him to check over my plans to build the bomb. I think Wind likes my bomb idea but he thinks that we might need a team of mercenaries who can protect us from the swimming-pool police and help us to place the bomb correctly.

The End

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