Who is Jimmy Flynn?Mature

The life, thoughts and dribblings of one James Flynn

I love watching a spider build a web. The long, agonising process of shitting out thin threads of silk so it can eat whatever poor fucker accidents by. Well, this spider is gonna have to start again! My spade slices through the web and scoops the cowering spider off the door-frame and onto the grass in my back garden.

" I'm not going to have you building a web over my door and stopping me leaving, Mr Spider. If you eat enough flies you'll get big enough to eat me too."

The spider is curled up intoa ball on a patch of dirt, the dirt has been press flat cos it looks like cookie dough. I like cookie dough, Mum makes good cookie dough. But not today. I press my lips together and stick them out as far as I can until an idea for what to do next drops into the slot the top of my head.



The End

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