Who is Jessie????

Jessie, who is she?

  Jessie the body... Jessie the body...
  Jessie is my lover and i am her lover.
  In the morning, a teacher singing a song,  repeating the word, Jessie the body.    What i that? Jessie the body? Jessie's body? Jessie...Who is she?
  In Y7A there was a girl who was called Jessie Xu.  She is my lover and she is my boyfriend. She thinks that she is powerful baby. Does anyone agree? i don't.  Well... She thinks that everyone has to protect her and she thinks that she is powerful. A girl who needs protection is powerful?! 
  Jessie Xu is a girl who is 12 ages and Chinese. Well, not sure with nation.
She likes to sing and dance and she likes a boy in my class.
  Since last month, the form teacher, Mr.Rolls called her Jessie the body and Jessie was squeezing her lips, staring at him and laughing. Was she happy about that?
  She always tickle me. I am tried of protecting.
Jessie loves me and misses me a lot every moments.
Jessie, my lover, my boyfriend, i got her and she got me
  We are the best forever. We are the couple forever.

  Juhee the baby & Jessie the mommy

The End

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