The Interview

"Come on, gather round, the interview is about to air."  Courtney grabbed the remote and turned on the TV to channel 6.

"Up next, we got an exclusive interview with Mr. Rex about his future acting career as Mr. X on West Coast Detectives," the newscaster announced.

"Hello, I am Marsha Nickelson, reporter for channel 6 news.  Here with me today is the man who plays the role of Mr. X, villain on West Coast Detectives.  It's so nice to meet you Mr. Rex.  Firstly, our fans want to know do you enjoy playing a villain on TV."

"Hi Marsha, to be honest, being a villain on TV isn't all it's cracked up to be.  I find some people start to think you are a villain in real life."  The group chuckled that his last statement and could have swore Mike winked at the camera.

"What should we expect to see Mr. X up to in the next season of West Coast Detectives?"

"I don't know because I will not be Mr. X on the next season of West Coast Detectives."

"Really?  Can you tell our viewers why we would see you next season?"

"Of course, I decided I need a job closer to home.  Plus, the kids I instruct on the side should a strong interest with what they do, so I couldn't leave them to play Mr. X full time."

"Our viewers have one more question for you.  Do you know any people who are like the kids on West Coast Detectives?"

"I happen to know just the group of kids."

"Thank you Mr. X.  This is Marsha Nickelson from Channel 6 News."

"That was so touching."  Josh had tears in his eyes.

Mickey had tissues in her hand.  "I agree Josh."

"Now, let's not start the water works.  It's nice to know he can joke about what we did and not hate us."  Courtney's phone rang.  "Hello, okay, we'll be right there."  She put down the phone.

"Who was that?"  Leah asked.

"Lindsey, she said Mike is calling for a pit meeting right now.  We better go fast."  They headed to the band room where they found most of the pit seated.

"Come on, sit down quickly."  Mike waved them to a set of four chairs.  "Some of you may have an idea what this meeting is about, but you're probably wrong."

Megan raised her hand.  "So it's not about chapters?"





"No, how about I just tell you."


"I must tell you, you have quite a group of detectives among you all.  They discovered something that I tried to keep a secret."

"Are you quitting?"

"In a sense, but not this job though."


"Anyways, this group of detectives includes Leah, Mickey, Courtney and Josh."  The rest of the pit gasped.

"Are you kicking them out?  Please don't kick them out."

"No Megan, that is not what I'm going to do.  As I was saying, this group of 'detectives' found out that I'm Mr. X on West Coast Detectives."  The room erupted with no ways, OMGs, and I told you he looked like Mr. Xs.  "Okay, I decided to quit my acting job and stay here.  Now let's get out the instruments and practice for our next show."

The End

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