Mike's Story

"I rather stand."  Courtney defiantly stood her ground.

"Suit yourself.  First let me hear what each of you think my secret is."

Josh stared awkwardly at the ground and mumbled, "The criminal Mr. X is based off of."

Leah added "I agree with Josh."

"What do you two think my secret is?"

Mickey avoided Mike's stare.  "I think you're the actor who plays Mr. X."

Courtney didn't try to avoid Mike's gaze, but returned it by staring him down.  "I thought you were the actor, but you've showed reason to believe different.  I'm trying to think of the best, so I think you are the actor."

"Two of you are right."

"That's obvious."

"The truth is... I play Mr. X on West Coast Detectives."

"I knew it."

Josh glanced up, "Then why did you kidnap me?"

"I didn't mean to at first.  I was going to pull you away from the Twinkie because it was one for a party I was going to.  Then you bit me, so I kidnapped you."

Courtney looked for signs to see if Mike was lying.  "Why did you have a knife with you?"

"I had the knife to open boxes.  Why don't I just tell you my side of the story?"

"Go right ahead."

"I didn't want anyone to find out I played Mr. X because I didn't want people always swarming me and asking you questions about me.  Then on the way back after lunch on day, I heard Leah and Courtney talking about West Coast Detectives and mention my name.  I thought you figured out who I was.  I was going to tell you not to tell anybody, but then I hear you toss around other ideas.  So I walked away, but I knew this probably wasn't the end of it.  Then I found you guys walking down stairs and I noticed my phone wasn't where I left it."

"Oops," mutter Leah.

"Anyways, then I noticed Josh in the hall and you all know what went down.  Then I notice Josh was gone and later the DVD of West Coast Detectives went missing.  Later, I heard you guys talking about going to the signing of the cast of West Coast Detectives.  I became suspicious when I saw people never on the ship before, you guys in costume.  I noticed there were four of you and one of you had mallets.  I thought I'd try to throw you off by making it seem like I was brother of Mr. X.  At the same time, I felt guilty for lying, so I left a hint on the mallets.  Now if you don't mind, I have an interview in the morning that I want to get ready for."

"What's the interview about?"  Mickey asked.

"It's an interview about my future plans as an actor.  It was be on channel 6 around noon.  All I ask is that you don't tell anyone.  I will tell people when I'm ready."

"Okay, it's getting late, we're going to leave now."  The group left the 14 C and went to their own rooms without even talking about what Mike just told them.

The End

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