"Oh, I still have the mallets Mr. X signed.  I wonder what they say... 'Mary, Happy Birthday, X'."

Courtney looked intrigued.  "Can I see those mallets Mickey?"

"Sure, here you go."  Mickey handed Courtney the mallets.

"Oh... Mickey, did you leave these mallets alone at anytime?"

"No, why do you ask?"

"First, you only told Mr. X your name was Mary, right?"

"Yes," Mickey became increasingly confused.

"If you rotate the mallet, under the M in Mary, there is the letter B, the letter B which is the first letter in your last name.  Does that seem odd to anybody else or just me?"

Leah strolled over and grabbed the mallets and looked at them for herself.  "Do you think these marks above the X only coincidently look like an R and an E?"

Josh took the mallets and observed the findings for himself.  "I don't know what to think.  Mike owning the knife, showing violent behavior, the crime results, and what Mr. X said all point towards Mike being a criminal.  At the same time the DVD, appearances, speech, and the mallets all point towards Mike being the actor of Mr. X."

Courtney deeply thought about Josh's points.  "I think we should do what Josh said and confront Mike tomorrow night."  They set the plans.  Soon everyone went to bed.  It seemed night was upon them in a blink of an eye.  They all gather in Leah's and Courtney's room and wait for when the plan would be taken into action.

The End

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