Tape Trouble

"Gosh darn it.  The tape was right here when we left."  Leah walked over to where Courtney was standing.

"What's the big problem?  You agreed the tape didn't tell us anything more."

"Yes, I did say that, but this means Mike knew we had a plan.  We must have forgot to lock the door and he came in and stole the tape."  Courtney threw a snow globe at the wall and caused it to shatter upon impact.

"Well this is a problem."  Leah walked over to the telephone, avoiding the shards of glass.  "Josh, we have a problem.  Get Mickey and come to my room quickly."  Leah hung up the phone.  Josh and Mickey barged into the room a few moments later.

Josh seemed on edge.  "What's the problem?"

"Mike knew we had a plan and stole the tape," Courtney hissed.  She grabbed a picture frame, but resisted the urge to make it meet the same fate as the snow globe.  "I am tired of this detective work.  We keep going in circles.  We should just confront him.  Can he beat us?  It would be four against one.  I vote we walk up to his room right now."  No one wanted to object Courtney in this state.  So, they walked up to room 14 C.  Courtney pounded on the door, but no one answered.  "I'm sorry I wasted your time."

Mickey glanced up.  "It's okay, at least you didn't give up."  Mickey grew quiet when she saw Mike coming down the hall.

"What are you four doing up here again?"  Mike looked to see if they were carrying anything.

"Nothing, we were just passing by."  Courtney stayed composed to the best of her ability.

"I see, you really shouldn't be wandering the halls at night.  You never know what kind of attackers could be out."

"Like you," Courtney muttered low for the group to hear, but not Mike.  "Well, we were returning to our rooms right now," she said louder.

"I see, don't forget to practice your music."  The group didn't move until Mike was out of sight.

Josh whispered "Did you notice how he looked to see if we were carrying anything."

Courtney opened the door to Leah's and her room.  "I can't believe he still has the guts to look you in the face.  He knows you saw it was him who kidnapped you."  Her hands still shoke with rage.  "I think we need to settle this mystery and fast."

"I agree.  I say we confront him tomorrow night.  If he' s not in his room, then we break in and wait for him to show up.  Like Courtney said earlier, it's four against one.  Hey Mickey, what's sticking out of your back pocket?"

The End

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