Josh and Mickey sauntered into the room.  "Hello, are we ready for our adventure of the day?"  Josh responded to Mickey with a heck yes.  "Then let's get going."

Leah blocked the door.  "Hold on you two.  We still need to do makeup and wardrobe."

"Oh yeah, can we make it quick?  I want to go on an adventure today."  After dressing up, Courtney grabbed a pair of mallets and they headed to the signing.

"Here Mickey, take the mallets, you're playing the character most likely to watch the show."  They got in line and the line slowly crept towards the cast of West Coast Detectives.

"You know who is hot?  The guy who plays Andrew on the show, he's so dreamy."

"Mickey, focus, we are on a mission."

"Oh yes, I love missions and adventures."

Josh grabbed Mickey's arm.  "Look Mickey, we're next, we're next."

Leah gave Mickey a little shove.  "We're up.  You know your part, so let's go."  The group walked up to Mr. X.

Mr. X look up and didn't show any sign of recognizing the group.  "What can I do for you today?"

Mickey stepped up to the table.  "Oh, hi there, I'm a huge fan and it's my birthday.  So, I was wondering if you'd sign my mallets for me?"  Mickey set the mallets on the table.

"Well of course.  What's your name?"

"My name is Mary."

"I'll let you in on a little secret Mary.  My brother played mallets when he was younger.  Now he actually teaches how to play mallets to kids on this ship.  He really turned himself around."

"That's cool.  Thanks for signing my mallets."

"No problem, have a good rest of your birthday."  The group walked away and went back to the room.

Josh sat on the bed.  "So, what did we figure out?"

Leah took off the wig she was wearing.  "Everything seems to point that Mike was a criminal."

Courtney set the first AID she was carrying down on the table.  "I'm torn.  He looked like Mike and he talked like Mike, but what he said makes it seem like he is Mike's brother.  How about we listen to what happen again.  I hide a tape recorder in my..."

Josh jumped off the bed.  "Gross, no need to be like Madam Defarge in A Tale of Two Cities."

"Josh, will you get your mind out of the gutter.  I was going to say in my first AID kit."  Courtney opened the first AID kit and rewound the tape.  After listening to it, they decided they couldn't get anything else out of it.  "How about we meet again tomorrow at noon and do some research into the names Leah found when we searched 14 C?"

Mickey nodded and said "I'm good with it.  It's almost 4, we should probably get something to eat and head to practice afterwards."  The group left the room.  They didn't realize they forgot to lock the door.  After practice Courtney notice the tape was gone.

The End

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