On Wednesday night Josh and Mickey knocked on Courtney's and Leah's door.  After Leah let them in, Josh asked "What's the plan?"

Courtney put down the book she was reading.  "I noticed we have celebrities visiting when we port Saturday."

"Really, who's visiting?"

"The cast for West Coast Detectives is visiting and one of them is Mr. X."

Mickey bounced over to Courtney.  "Are you kidding me?"

"Nope, here's the flyer I found."

"This is a break through.  Mike couldn't become overly suspicious of us getting autographs from the cast of the new show, right?  Did you think of what to do?"

"I'm taking advice from Juliet in Romeo and Juliet.  She basically says if a rose was called something else, it would still look and smell like a rose, therefore a rose is still a rose even when called something else."

Josh looked confused, "So, you're suggesting we smell Mike and Mr. X?"

"No Josh, I'm suggesting we strike a conversation with Mr. X.  And if he looks like Mike, which he does, and if he talks like Mike, then Mr. X is Mike by a different name."

"Okay, I see what you did there.  Aren't you worried?  If Mike is Mr. X, then Mr. X will specifically not act like Mike to throw us off."

Leah sat up a little straighter.  "We could dress up.  Josh, I heard you did a good old man impression in English class.  How about Josh dresses up as an old man, Courtney as his nurse, Mickey as his granddaughter, and I will be Mickey's mother?"

Courtney stood up and walked the room a few times.  "I think the plan just might work.  Might, but we need something to start a conversation like..."

Mickey jumped up, "Mallets, we could ask Mr. X to sign a pair of mallets."

"I think this plan might just work, but we need to work on accents and get costumes ready.  How about we work on everything Friday night?"

Josh's stomach growled.  "Can we bring food Friday?"

"Yes, but don't get any crumbs on the ground.  If you remember the last time you ate in our room, you got crumbs on the ground and attracted ants."

"Oh, well I will be careful.  I'm hunger, how about we go eat and call it a night."  They went to the food court and then went back to their rooms.  Nothing eventful happened until Saturday.

The End

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