Mickey, Leah and Josh read some magazines, rather pretended to read magazines, while waiting for Courtney to return.  Josh looked at the clock, "It's been 5 minutes, should we get help yet?"

Leah set her writers' magazine down.  "No... She said wait 10 minutes."  Courtney entered the room, slightly out of breath.  "Did you get the DVD?"  Courtney held up the DVD in her hand.

Josh looked for any signs of a fight.  "Did you have any problems?"

"No, but he will.  I stole the batteries from his TV remote."

"Why did you do that?  He could have come back when you were fooling around."

"I'm sorry, I couldn't resist.  Shall we watch the DVD now?"

Leah grabbed the DVD and put it in the DVD player.  "Let's sit back and enjoy the show."  Leah took out a notepad and pen while Josh threw a pillow on the floor and leaned on it.  Mickey lied down on the bed and ended up falling asleep.  Courtney grabbed her laptop and would search everything Leah wrote down.  Leah whispered to Courtney  "Should we wake them up?"

"No let them sleep, they've been through a hard day."  Around 3 A.M.  the DVD finished.  Courtney and Leah fell asleep around 4.  At 8 the alarm clock went off, waking the group.  "Rise and shine.  How about we get breakfast and bring it back to the room so Leah and I can tell you what we found on the DVD?"  Everybody agreed with the idea.  They received their food and started to walk back to the room when the rest of the pit invited them over.  At the end of the table Mike sat glaring at the four.  This caused the four to decline the invitation and then they hurried back to the room.

Mickey sat on the bed.  "Well that was awkward... What did you guys find on the DVD?"

Leah swallowed a mouth full of food.  "We recorded all the crimes Mr. X did and then searched the internet for places that match the crimes done by Mr. X.  We found three cities that matched the crimes the most.  New York City matched six of the twelve crimes.  Pittsburgh matched eight, but the city that matched a total of eleven of the twelve crimes was Allentown, PA."

"That's really close to home.  Wait... isn't the high school Mike went to near Allentown?"

"You're right, I didn't even think of that.  Everything keeps pointing towards Mike being the real life villain."

"Like what?"

"He is suspicious and tries to get rid of anyone who digs into his past, he shows signs of violence, and he owns a knife."

"Does that mean you think I'm a villain because I own a knife?"  Courtney looked hurt at Leah's last reason.

"No because you don't show signs of violence... just insanity."

"Thank goodness, wait... that is not true."

"I know.  I think we are done here because we can't do anything with Mike on red alert."

"Leah's right and we can't do much during the week.  But we need to stay observant.  Also, try not to walk alone, we saw what Mike did to Josh.  We can meet here Wednesday night to plan for the weekend.  Sound good?"

Mickey stood up.  "Sounds good with me, but I think we should all walk Josh to his room because his room is a few halls away."  Leah and Courtney agreed.  They walked everyone to their rooms without any sign of Mike.  They all went to school the next day and the day afterwards without any problems.

The End

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