Kidnapped How?

Mickey ran over to Josh and gave him a giant hug.  "I'm so glad you're alive, I thought he killed you!"

Courtney looked at Josh curiously.  "What exactly happen to you?"

"Well, I was walking to your room behind Mickey when I noticed an unopened Twinkie on the ground.  I thought finders keeper's and when to pick it up.  Then I saw the faded red jacket and tried to run, but he already grabbed me.  I bit his arm so he would let me go, but he kept his grip.  Then he carried me upstairs into his room."

"What happen once you were in his room?"

"Mike told me in the bathtub while holding a pocket knife to my back then he poured a huge box of Twinkies over me and said 'Eat them sparingly because you'll be in hear for awhile.'  Then he walked out of the bathroom and closed the door behind them.  Next thing I knew, you guys entered and saved me."

"We need to stay close together from now on.  I think everyone can see that Mike is trying to take our group down one by one."

Leah had a worried look on her face.  "I'm afraid Mike is stalking the halls waiting for Josh and Mickey to return to their rooms.  I think you two should stay here for the night."

Mickey looked somewhat relieved.  "What are we going to do?"

Courtney looked deep in thought then she began to speak almost reluctantly.  "I'm going to seek into Mike's room and steal the DVD of West Coast Detectives.  That way we can watch the session and write down what Mr. X does.  Then we can search the crimes on the internet and see if we get any matches."

Mickey became worried again.  "No, it's too dangerous.  Think of what Leah just said, Mike could be stalking the halls."

"Exactly, if he is in the halls, then he wouldn't be in his room."

Leah spoke uneasily.  "I don't agree with the idea, but at the same time, we could get some valuable information from the DVD.  I think you should try."

"It's settled, I'm going to get the DVD from Mike's room.  Don't lock the door when you leave, that way I can get in as fast as possible.  I'll take my pocket knife in case he tries to attack."

"Please be careful."

"I will Josh.  If I'm not back in 10 minutes, tell the rest of the pit about the show, Mike's reactions, Josh's kidnapping and of my attack if I don't return.  Got it?"  Everyone else mumbled yes and then Courtney grabbed her pocket knife and left the room.


The End

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