Josh's Snacking

Courtney and Leah made their way back to the rooms after practice.  It was only 15 minutes until Mickey showed up at the door.  Leah realized Josh was not there.  "Mickey, where is Josh?"

"He was right behind me before I turned down this hallway."

"I think we should go and look for him."  They head out into the hall where they found Lindsey, another member of the pit, anxiously pacing the hall.  She spotted them and gave them a distressed call for help.  "Lindsey, what's wrong?"

Lindsey glanced down the hall.  "I was on my way back from practice when a saw a dude with a faded red jacket snatch Joshers at the other end of the hall."

Courtney became very suspicious.  "Could the jacket be mistaken as the color pink?"

"Yes, why?"

"No matter, you should go back to your room and lie down.  We'll get someone to help find Josh."  Lindsey slowly walked to her room.  Once she was out of sight, the girls started to whisper.

Leah spoke first.  "We should look for clues of how Josh was taken and where he was taken."  Mickey search down where Josh was taken and called Courtney and Leah over.  "What did you find?"

"First, I found an empty Twinkie wrapper.  More importantly, I found a very thin blood trail."

"We should see where it leads."  They started to follow the trail.  The trail led them up the stairs to the floor with the instructors.  "Does anyone else notice what room the trail is leading to?"

"Room 14C, this is getting too creepy.  Courtney, do you still have that bobby pin and I.D. card on you?"

"Yes, but isn't it a little risky?  I mean, what if Mike is in there?"

"I don't care.  He could be killing Josh as we speak."  Mickey started to cry.

"Don't cry, please don't cry.  Here, here, I'll open the door."  Courtney opened the door only to see nothing that different than from the morning.  Then she noticed the bathroom door had a chair shovel under the knob.  "Come on, I think I found Josh."  Leah removed the chair and Mickey turned the door knob.

"Josh!"  They saw Josh sitting in the bath tub submerged in unopened Twinkies.  "Are you okay?  We found you by following a trail of blood."

"Oh, I'm okay, but I bit Mike's arm.  That's where the blood came from."

Courtney interrupted the reunion.  "I think we should leave before Mike comes back."

"I'm ready, I just need to grab a few Twinkies for the road."  Josh grabbed an unopened box of Twinkies.  Before leaving the room, Courtney put the chair back under the bathroom doorknob.  They started walking down the hall when they saw a reddish pink jacket reach the top of the steps.

"Get behind the plant, quick," mouthed Leah.  They all dove behind the plant just before Mike walked past.  Once he closed the door they ran through the hall to the stairway.  Just as they reached the steps, they heard someone shout no and heard a door slam.  "Run!"  They all darted down the stairs into Leah's and Courtney's room.

The End

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