The Findings

When they got back to the room, Leah locked the door and closed the curtains.  She gathered some chairs around the coffee table and told everyone to sit.  "I found his phone and I wrote down the names of his contacts that end in Rex.  I figured we can search the names online.  What did you find Mickey?"

"I found some pictures in the pocket of his pink jacket that..."  Josh stopped Mickey.

"You mean his faded red jacket, right?

"No, I'm positive it's pink Josh."

"No Mickey, the jacket IS a shade of red, not pink."

Courtney stopped Mickey from speaking.  "Will you two stop arguing about the jacket and just tell us what you found?"

"As I started to say before, I found some pictures in the jacket of a certain color."  Josh whispered faded red under his breath.  Courtney told him to shut his mouth.  "I found this cute one of him as a baby and one of his girlfriend..."

"Mickey, can you continue with evidence pertaining to our situation at hand, please?"

"I was getting there.  So then I found a picture that I assume is of his parents and him, but it's ripped.  Someone stood where it was ripped because I can see their arm in the picture.  Also, I noticed that there seemed to be a picture missing because the pictures in the holder went picture picture empty picture picture picture empty empty empty.  Weird, what did you find Courtney?"

"I found a DVD of the first session of West Coast Detectives, but the first session is still airing on TV.  It's almost noon, let's go get some lunch and we'll meet again after practice."

Leah added "Keep an eye on Mike at practice.  See you guys later."

The End

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