Courtney couldn't help, but pace the room that morning.  "Leah, why aren't they here?  I told them to show up at 8:05; it is now 8:12."

"Calm down."  Josh whispered Gaga and knocked on the door.  "See, they are here now."  Leah opened the door and found Josh balancing platefuls of food in two hands.

"No wonder you are late.  You took a few trips down the buffet line."

"Everyone is here, so let's get started.  We need someone to stand guard near the door."

Josh raised his hand.  "I'll do it."

“Thank you Josh.  Mickey, Courtney, and I will search the room.  Josh, you will stand nearby with a cowbell and hit it once when people come near.  If people ask, say you're waiting for your instructor so you can learn the proper technique.  If Mike comes just keep hitting the cowbell vigorously and distract him."  Josh nodded at Leah to show he understood.

"We have one hour and thirty minutes to get in and get out.  Let's get up there and use our time wisely."  Courtney gestured they all head towards the door.  They got upstairs and reached room 14C.

Mickey asked, "The door is locked, how are we getting in?"

Courtney pulled out an I.D. card and two bobby pins.  "I got it figured out.  I tested it on my door this morning."  Courtney put the bobby pin in the lock and moved it about.  Then she slid the card between the door and its frame and then she pushed open the door.

"Cool," Mickey looked between the open door, the bobby pin, and the I.D. card.

"Let's not stand outside.  Let's go inside so we don't get caught."  The girls hurried inside.  "Now, we have to be out of here by no later than 10.  Look through bags, coat pockets, and pants pockets."  They started their search at 8:40.

Leah interrupted the search party.  "Does anyone have a piece of paper?"  Mickey handed Leah a notebook on the table.  Time ticked on until 9:40 when the girls heard Josh click the cowbell.  They decided they had all the information they could find.  They left the room and started to head down the stairs and saw Mike coming up.

"What were you four doing upstairs?"  Mike looked suspiciously mostly at Leah and Courtney.

Courtney quickly replied.  "Josh had a question about a part on the cowbell, but he realized what he was doing wrong while waiting for you."

"Oh, I see.  Well...don't forget we have practice at 2."  Mike looked like he didn’t believe their story.

"Wait, Mike I have a joke for you."  Mike looked at Mickey.  "Josh, come here.  Hey Josh, if you were a triangle, you would be acute. Ha ha ha ha.  Get it."

"Wait Mike, I have one for Mickey that I want you to hear."  Josh turned backed to Mickey.  "There are 19 letters in the alphabet, right?  Oh wait, I forgot U R A Q T.  Oh yeah, and J K. LOL, isn't it funny Mike?"

"Yeah...see you guys at practice."  Mike shook his head as he walked away.

"Nice job at distracting him.  Let's go back to the room and share what we found."  Courtney led the way back to Leah and her room.

The End

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