Leah explained everything to Josh.  "OMG, that is crazy," Josh couldn't resist turning on the show and looking at Mr. X.

"Well, now that we know why we called you down, we should figure out a plan to get some information."  Leah asked if anyone had any ideas.

"I actually have an idea."  Courtney looked around to see if anyone objected to her sharing.  Courtney grabbed the boat guide off the desk and flipped it open to a page showing the levels of the boat.  "As we all know, we only stay a few more weeks on this boat until summer, so we need to act fast.  Now, I know the instructors reside on the floor above us due to the one time when I had to go up there because our ice machine broke.  But I don't know what room Mike is in.  I think we have enough time to find that out tonight."

"How are we supposed to, though?"  Mickey cocked her head to the side.

"I know there is a big plant here that someone can hide behind and the rest of us can act like our ice machine broke."

“Great, we better leave now because dinner is almost over.  Also Mickey, get the ice bucket from your room and Josh can hide behind the plant."  Leah stood up and opened the door.  They got upstairs and Josh hid behind the plant just before Adam walked down the hallway.

"What are you three doing up here?"  Adam looked at Courtney, Leah, and Mickey, unaware of Josh's presence.

Mickey spoke for the group, "We needed ice and the machine on our floor is temperamental again."

"Okay, just don't stay up to late, we have 2 to 8 practice tomorrow."

'We wouldn't.  See you tomorrow."  Adam walked away and Mickey turned to Leah and Courtney.  "That was almost bad."

"Yeah and I saw Mike walk by, but I missed spotting what room he went into.  I hope Josh paid attention," Leah signaled for them to retrieve Josh.  "Josh, meet us downstairs, like before."  The girls walked down into Leah’s and Courtney's room and waited for Josh's knock.  Someone knocked on the door and then Josh said Gaga.  Leah let Josh in.

Courtney quickly started to question Josh, "What room did he go into Josh?"


"Good work.  We should meet here 5 minutes into breakfast because the instructors have a one hour meeting right afterwards.  It will be the perfect time to search the room.  Now we should all go to our own rooms and get a good night's sleep for tomorrow."  Courtney let Mickey and Josh out and went to her bed and drifted to sleep.

The End

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