Getting the Group

Courtney thought it over. "I think I know two people who fit the job perfectly." 


 "Josh and Mickey, of course."

 Leah replied "Now that we have the group, we need a group meeting to work out a plan."

 "Well, everyone is at dinner, so let's text them to meet us here."

"Just for safety measures, send one the message about where to go and send the other a secret password."

 "Great idea". Courtney started texting Josh and Mickey. Within 10 minutes someone knocked at the door. "Who is it?"


"Bunga-who?" Courtney questioned the knocker.

"Mickey, the password is Gaga, not Bungaroo."

 "Silly me. Hey, can we come in?" Leah opened the door and let Josh and Mickey inside.

Josh asked, "Why did you guys call us to your room."

The End

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