Fan Site Frenzy

"Well, an episode of West Coast Detectives ends shortly.  Let’s look at the credits to see who plays Mr. X on the show," stated Courtney.

"Okay," Leah turned on the television.  "It says Mr. Rex plays by Mr. X, a lot of help that does for us!"

"No wait, this is not completely terrible.  At least we can be almost positive Mike doesn't just look like the actor who plays Mr. X, but is related to or plays Mr. X."

"True, true."  Leah sat down on the corner of the bed and started to think things over.  Then, she pulled a laptop out of her bag.

"What are you doing?"  Courtney walked across the room and sat next to Leah.

"I just remembered a fan site about the show.  Maybe it will give us more information about 'the villain' or it could be another dead end."

"Great idea!”  A few minutes later Courtney asked “Find anything yet?"

"I found a few interesting tidbits on the site, but nothing clear cut."

Courtney responded "Well, let's hear what the fan site says."

"For one, did you know the show is supposedly based off real life events?  And it says here that the actor of Mr. X plays the role of the real life story of his sibling."

"No way, impossible!"  Courtney's mouth hung open in shock.

"I know, but do you think this site is actually legit?"

"Not sure, but if it is..."

"Yeah... I think we should come up with a plan."

"You're right..." Courtney thought deeply about their situation, "But I think we need a group to get to the bottom of this, like in West Coast Detectives."

"Who can we trust to help us?"

The End

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