Who Is He Really?

This is based off a dream I had. Only I woke up right before the climax, so I'll make it up as I go along. It's about a drumline group who find out their instuctor is not who he says he is. Is he a criminal or famous or just looks like somebody else? The truth lies within the story.

The bell rang and Mrs. Shaw dismissed the last science class of the day. Courtney walked over to the lounge area on the deck of the ship with her friend Leah.  They flipped through the channels and settled on this new show called "West Coast Detectives". It's about a small group of kids who get together and rid the town of villains.  This one villain always slips away from the kids. "Hey Courtney?"

"Yeah Leah?"

"Don't you think that villain looks like someone we met?"  Courtney examined the face of the villain, but she couldn't put a name to the face.

          "I think I saw him, but I don’t know who exactly." Looking over at the clock, she saw it was already 3:15. "Hey, we better get going to drumline." They walked to the ship's band room.  Most of the pit arrived already.

          Corinne, the head of the pit, stated "Come on pities, we better start moving the equipment." The pit went to the quarter master room and started moving the vibraphones, marimbas and other percussion equipment. "Head to the practice room leading to the auditorium." They moved everything into the practice room, where they started to warm up. Our pit instructor, Mike, entered the room and that made Courtney realize something. Mike and the villain from the TV show looked very much alike. Before she really thought about it, they began to move on to stage.

          Then everything went black and next thing she knew, Courtney was eating lunch with the rest of the pit. Corinne asked "Did we perform yet?" Someone at the table answered yes. Corinne replied "I don't remember any of it." Oddly enough, neither could Courtney. Before she could really think it over, everyone got up to go back to their rooms.

         They walked past a TV with a commercial on about the show Leah and Courtney watched earlier. The narrator said "Is he who he says he is?" while showing a picture of the villain on the screen.

          Courtney poked Leah and started to say "Did you notice how much the villain and Mike look alike?" She said yes and Courtney continued, "You don't think that Mike and the villain are the same person or..." Before she could finish, Mike turned around and headed back towards them.  Leah and Courtney quickly came up with some small talk to get him to walk away. Before he left, he gave them a look like they knew too much.  Courtney whispered to Leah, "I know he heard us, but I think he knows something about it he wants to keep a secret." Leah nodded in agreement.

           When they got back to their room, they locked the doors and windows and closed the curtains. Leah asked "What were you about to say back there, before Mike came over?"

            "I was going to say 'or maybe Mike has a twin.'" Leah sat on the edge of the bed and mulled it over. "I think we need to come up with a plan to get to the bottom of this."

            "I agree." 

The End

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