Momma meets Eli's object of affection

Eli always woke up with her father near. In her mind he was leaning against the door frame, slowly smiling then walking away. He spoke in gestures. But when he said something you listened, mostly because he was soft spoken. He always read to her. More often then Momma. He rarely let her look at the pictures. He had said " close your eyes, let your mind paint the picture."

Eli turned away from the door frame and closed out the sound of voices. Omp was hissing something at Momma. Momma was banging plates around in response. Omp said " Are you done yet?"  Momma hissed something back and started walking down the hall. Oma shouted " the longer you wait..." Momma turned back and started walking towards the kitchen and whispered something vehmently back.

Eli started at the white walls. In the early morning light they looked yellow, like the sand. Eli dreamed that she was at the beach. She liked her bathing suit it looked like her mothers. She even had a wide brim hat like hers. Sometimes Momma even let her wear her lipstick. Papa would take her hand, while Momma sunned herself.  He would take her into the shallow depths and they both would look down into the water then grab jelly fish and try to throw them at each other. Papa would always throw them over her head. Eli wasn't quit so merciful. Every so often she would look at the beach. Momma would be sitting up with her book faced down. She would be wearing sunglasses so Eli couldn't tell where she was looking but Eli liked to pretend she was watching her.

Eli slowly got up because she had to. Oma and Opa didn't really believe there was any benifit in sleeping in. She peered down the hall. Oma and Momma weren't fighting anymore. Momma was reading the newspaper at the kitchen table and Oma was sewing in the livingroom. Both of them looked up and slowly smiled.

Oma smiled and said " It's about time you woke up, Opa's almost ready for lunch."

Momma rolled her eyes " Opa's also been up since four."

Oma shrugged " Well, he doesn't want to melt in the sun."

" He won't have to melt for too much longer..." Momma stopped herself and just smiled then weakly laughed.

Oma nodded and said " Yes, the summer is always too short."

" Speaking of making use of our time, lets not waste our day." Momma clapped her hands and guided Eli to the kitchen table. Eli looked suspiciously at Oma. But Oma was looking away at a painting of Jesus and Mary.  

After breakfast and bathing was done Momma didn't ask her what she wanted to do, she just guided Eli towards the bridge.



The End

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