Who do I love?

It's 1943 in Germany and the whole world feels like it' ending...Eli an eight year old girl finds silence and comfort within an old stone bridge. Her feelings quickly turn into love.

Elli was infinitly glad her mother decied to take the scenic route through the country. If she hadn't she wouldn't of met him...She saw him out the window and he saw her and all they did was stare. And stare...until they both were little dots in the horizon. Elli sighed in longing. Her mother had passed it off as exhusion and rubbed her muddy hair. Elli had lied her head down on her Momma's lap and pretended to sleep. She needed privacy...to plot her escape.

She was only eight. She couldn't just leave as she pleased. And she was a woman. Women needed chaperones but that was only around men...He wasn't really a man or a boy. He was a bridge. But he was everything a man should be solid and strong. Elli was smitten.

" Elli, Elli wake up look, look at all the sheep" Her mother urged

Elli had no interested at looking at the wool sweaters with legs but she looked out the window to appease her mother. Her mother wasn't the same anymore.Not since her father left to fight in the war. But nobody was and nothing was the same. There was no butter, barely any sugar...Momma said they had to live like beggars now.

Elli thought differently. They were going to a magical place...Where there was endless grassy fields and picturesque stone bridges. Elli sighed contently she felt like she was going home. But they were going to Oma and Opa's farm.

" Don't they look so cute" Her mother said pointing to the sheep

No, they looked frantic as a black and white dog corraled them together. Maybe Elli did want to pet them and the dog. Even if the dog barked a lot and barred it's teeth. A lot of dogs were like that but they were still friendly. Maybe this dog was like that too.

" Do you remember what kind of  animals Oma and Opa have?" Momma asked

Elli scruched her nose and said " Chickens and smelly cows"

" You forgot about Gespo ,Spoons  and Rusty" Momma said

Gespo and Spoons were barn cats. But they didn't seem to belong to anyone but themselves. Rusty was Opa's retired hunting dog. Rusty was boring all he did was sleep.

" Your going to have lot's of fun at the farm...you and I can pick fresh berries and we can have berries and cream...just like old times..." Momma looked wistfully out the window

Elli tried to see what she was looking at. But Elli didn't see anything. The train had passed all the sheep all there was now was trees.

" How long are we staying at Oma's and Opa's?" Elli asked.

" I don't know" Momma said sadly

The End

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