Unforeseen Love

Draco brought out a pudding and tea for dessert. When he cut into it, the warm chocolate rushed out like lava from a volcano. It was gooey, and runny, and perfect. The chocolate made her mouth water. The cream on top was perfect and the strawberries were the freshest, ripest, and juiciest ones she had ever eaten. "Do you like it?" Draco asked. "This is delicious!" Hermione said after she swallowed. "That's awesome!" he laughed, "Do you want more tea?" "Sure." ******** When they finished their dessert, the went to the sitting room to talk. They talked for awhile. "We should donthis more often," Draco said. "I agree," Hermione said, " It's been so much fun." "I'm glad you think so," and he kissed her. She kissed back. "I've got to go," she said, " I'll see you tomorrow."
The End

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