Ever since Draco inherited Malfoy manor, the place seemed much more inviting, cozy even. It was much diffrent than the place where Hermione was tortured many years ago. The Malfoys were Death Eaters in the war against Harry from their point of view. They were on the dark side, the evil side. Draco hated what he was. Hermione felt like an intruder in the house. For three years only Scorpius and Draco had lived there. Yet, the house did not feel empty. The room was furnished in warm colours and antique furniture. The love in this house was so strong, Hermione wanted to cry. She stepped out of the fire. "Hermione?" Draco called from the room next to the one in which she appeared, "Is that you?" "Yes!" she called back. Draco entered wearing a long white apron and oven mits and a wide smile. He was so happy he wouldn't be eating alone. "Welcome!" he said, "Coeme on in. Don't be shy. Make yourself at home." The house was huge. The room, which seemed to be a living room, was very tall and three quarters of that wide! he led her into the kitchen that had the delightful smell of steak and kidney pudding and mashed potatoes. The kitchen was renovated with all muggle appliances. There were magical elements though. House elves did most of the cleaning and cooking, and the soap and sponge were enchanted to was the dishes. Draco had cooked this meal however. He enjoyed cooking. It relaxed him. Hermione was led to a kitchen table all set with nice linens and silver. She sat down and Draco put just the right amount of everything. He poured some Pumpkin Juice into her goblet and went on to get his own food. She waited until he was done getting his to start eating. It was delicious! She had never tasted anything so good. They finishes it all before starting a conversation. "How's Scorpious?" Hermione asked. "He is doing well. I am still a bit surprised he's a Hufflepuff though. He seemed very courageous. I thought he was going to be a Gryffindor! But, he is flourishing in Hufflepuff and I only want the best for him." "That's good. Rose and Hugo are fine. Hugo loves Hogwarts. It's only his second year and Neville told me he already knows sixth year Herbology. Rose likes Transfiguration. She is very good at it too! She got highest marks in the exam." Draco smiled at her. Hermione didn't know it, but that was when she fell in love with him.
The End

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