A Conversation and an Unanticipated Friend

      Hermione had just finished sorting through all of the files in her desk for something to do, when a gentle knock interupted the quiet. 'come in,' she said. "Ready for lunch?' Draco said entering the room, 'How about Mama Nikki's in Diagon Alley?" 'Whatever you like, as long asthey have food."

      After his wife died, Draco became very subdued. He was a very diffrent person than the one thet Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny went to school with. He was a kind, quiet person. In the war against Voldemort so many years ago, he was a Death Eater. He hated who he was. Nowthat all of his family were gone, either in Azkaban or Dead, he could be who he wanted to be. He was a nice guy, really. He was just raised wong.


       When they got to the restaurant, a Girl shorter than the two f them with straight brown hair led them to a table by a window lookig out into the street. "So, how have you been?" asked Hermione. "I think I should be asking that!" Draco laughed. "I'm going to be okay... Oh! Um... I'll have a Pumpkin Nut Soup and tea," the waitress had come back. "I'll have Pea Soup and Pumpkin Juice," Draco said,"Do you want to come over for dinner tonight?" Draco asked suddenly, "Just so neither of us will be alone.. I was just thinking..." "I would love to. You are a good friend."


      Hermione appearead int eh fireplace of her empty home, excited to be having dinner with someone other than Harry and Ginny.  She went t her bedroom and changed into some light gray robes with black stars embroidered into it. She went to the loo and tried to charm her hair into something presentable. At six o'clock she went back into her sitting room. She through some Floo Powder into the fireplace and stept in. She said the words she never thought she would say, "Malfoy Manor."

The End

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