Starting to Move On

      When Harry and Hermione got to the Potter residence, Ginny had tea ready for them. When they appeared in the fireplace, Ginny was in the room. "Oh Hermione!" she said and ran to give her a hug. Hermione took it graciously. Harry left the room to get the tea from the kitchen. The girls sat down on the sofa. Ginny put her arm around Hermione and let her have her cry out. Harry returned with the tea and gave it to Hermione. She took a sip and thanked him. She drank the rest of it with a gulp. Ginny refilled her cup. She drank that too; she drank the entire pot.


      Hermione spent the night at the Potters.  She played with their twin babies, Joseph Jacob and Isabella Aurora. Now they had five children, with the eldest three at Hogwarts. In the morning, Harry and Hermione left for work together. Ginny stayed home to look after the babies. Harry left Hermione at her office. On her desk was a note. It said:

 "Remember my offer? let's meet for lunch. -Draco Malfoy"

She wrote a note back and sent it to his office.


      Draco looked up as the note flew through his office door 


The End

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