Who Could Guess

When Ronald Weasley dies, who can comfort Hermione? She findds her love in the most unlikely of places...


      It was a quiet night as Harry, Ron, and Hermione crept through the dark, damp streets of London. The only sound in the alley ways of which they walked were the drops of rain hitting the pavement. As aurors, their lives were full of risk, but this was the mostdangerous adventure yet since they were seventeen. Following a man convicted of seven killings of ministry workers and seven muggles would not have been wise without their expierence.

      Harry was supposed to be leading, but he had no idea where they were going. He was about to tell his firends and partners this and head back to the ministry when it happend. The rough voice of a man disrupted the silent night. "Avada Kedavra!" came from behind them. There walls of the alley lit up green and a heavy thud on the ground. Between Hermione and Harry, their husband and best friend was lying dead on the cold, wet pavement. Hermione screamed and dropped to her knees. Harry  pointed his wand at the murderer, but he dissapparated. Hermione cradled the head of the love of her life in her arms while her tears soaked his face. Harry got down onto the pavement and put his arms around his weeping best friend's wife and him. He apparated them back to the ministry.

The End

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