The Pub

Will was still feeling wobbly legged by the time he reached the pub.The warm,beery smelling cavern of the inside felt like a sanctury for him,

"Ey-up,lad!" Exlaimed John ,the lanlord."Tha looks like tha`s seen a ghost!" a lop sided grin on his faced. Will was amazed how far Johns booming yorkshire tones could carry across the packed bar. His remark had the effect of making the entire room  stop mid-pint and mid conversation and stare at Will. By the time Will had got to the bar the hum and buzz had returned.

"I think I have." Will replied as John pulled him a pint.John had the ability to get people to open up and tell him things without saying anything. Over the next pint will explained to him what had happened, omitting his fainting episode.

"This area is well known for ghosts you know." John replied,"Most places round here have at least one. We`ve got one in the cellar."

"Nah that`s just yer first wife!" Said  Brian Jones.He was the local odd job man.Will smiled at the reply .Over the next hour or so Will was regaled with tales of the local ghosts.None of this helped will want to go home.Finally when John called time Will reluctantly began to trudge home.


The End

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