Who Are You?What do you want?

Will stood infront of the mirror pulling faces trying to decide if the designer stubble was a good idea on him.He caught a swift movement out of the corner of his eye.He swiveled around on the balls of his feet. Nothing.He Scanned the room,breathing returning to normal but his palms were slick with sweat.He couldn`t shake the feeling somthing,someone was with him.

He was trying to ignore the feeling of hot Ice being poured slowly over him,flowing downwards from the crown of his head.Shaking himself he took one last glance at the mirror and froze.

Staring back at him was a woman.She had dark long hair piled up in a elaborate style on her head.She seemed to have a dark green silk evening gown on.It Should have made a rustling sound. The woman was screaning and reaching out to Will but the room was deathly silent. One of her transclucent hands went through Will`s chest.His heart stopped,then began to beat wildy and erraticly.The world spun away from him,as the back of his head hit the floor with a thump his last thoughts were,

"Who are you? What do you want?"

The End

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