Who are you? Am I? Us?

About being inside your own head.

Look down at the floor, pretend like nobody cares. You think they don't. Don't worry about it, nobody loves you anyway. Take off your hat, lift up your head and smile. Too much? Don't worry, you'll be able. Why don't you start with the thinking? I know you want to feel better. So stop thinking. Take yourself out of the equation. Just watch for a while. Sit on that bench there, lift your head up, watch the people.


That's better...

"What the hell are you, Jiminy Cricket?"

Don't say it out loud. You know it's all in your mind.

"Leave me alone!"

People are staring. Stop having these conversations with yourself, don't say it out loud. Just. Don't.

"Oh. Help."

Think about it. I'm me, you are you, we're one and the same. Close your eyes, that's better. Don't talk any more. I'm here. It's OK. Don't think any more.

Just. Calm.

The End

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