Who are you?

A young man talks to the love of his life, whom he is yet to meet.

Who are you? Why are you following me? Why can't you just let me be alone? Why are you doing this? You're allowing too much time to pass, I almost forget about you, and then - you give me another sign that you're undoubtedly there.

Wait! I said I almost forgot about you... I'm not even sure I know, or that I ever knew you. And yet, somehow, I know that it is you. I can not explain how, but you probably already know what I'm talking about. You know that I will recognize you, every time, in any one of them. Why won't you let me forget you, why can't you simply go somewhere else? Why do you disappear without a trace, when I get too close, and when it seems that I will get to clearly see you?

Wait! You're afraid? Yeah, that must be it. I can not think of any other logical explanation. You're scared, that's why you keep running away. But then, why  do you keep coming back? Do you know that I need you, even when I don't know that myself? Can you hear me calling to you, even when my lips don't move? Wait, maybe you need me too! That's why you're coming back? 

Wait. Stop this. I'm focusing way too much on the reason. The obvious thing is that you're there. Close, but not close enough.

I wanted to tell you something. I have to do it now, otherwise I'll forget. I saw you a little while ago in one of them. Don't act surprised, it wasn't all that hard to recognize your eyes on her. I know them all too well. I know you're wondering how, when I don't even know your name, nor am I familiar with your image...

I'll tell you how. Ordinary people could never see that, but we both know that I'm anything but ordinary. Some would say even weird, but I do not blame them. Hell, I even consider it a compliment. I've always wanted to be different.

I'm sorry! I know. I'm telling you stuff that you already know, and your curiosity grows. Let me continue...

As I was saying, I can see within them something that other eyes don't possess, something that eludes other, ordinary people - they emit warmth, they radiate the desire to reach out, to enjoy all the things in the world... The desire to be happy. I also see that child-like innocence; a child to whom all of this is still alien. 

I know, I know... Others also see that within the eyes of other people. But that is not all, don't be impatient. 

That, which others can not see, for it is only shown for a brief moment, is the fear. Not the selfish kind, found in ordinary people that are afraid for their own existence. No, this one is more dangerous, deeper... It is the fear for another.

In spite of all the happiness and joy emanating from them, I have managed to see  under the surface. And a while ago, too. I can see just how fragile they are. I can see how they crave intimacy, and how much they love. But all this is from afar. I know how much they could love, were they right here, beside me.

You're scared, don't deny it. I know. I'm telling you, I saw you withing her right away. I just didn't want you to know it. I knew you would leave again, but I couldn't pretend for much longer. You realized that I had noticed you, a bit too soon. I wish you stuck around a little longer this time.

Here, I'll say it. I'm scared too. Maybe you knew that already, maybe that's why you won't stay. It's all right, I get it. If that is the only way, I understand. Hell, I even support you. Go into the world! Muster the courage, overcome the fear.

I will do the same...or at least I will try. I'll succeed too, I have to. 

Goodbye now. Know that I am looking forward to seeing you again. I guess we will be brave enough, one day. Grown-ups, and yet, still children. I guess one day you will stay, forever. 

You will, I know it, I can feel it... You have to!

The End

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