who are u?

it is dark  and lonely in the house, there is nobody at home just me.

i sit down to type and everything keeps pouring out from my head, i can hear the voices screaming my name i see  a snake coming to me, beckoning me to give up the fight and come back home to where i belong,  "you can't fight us for long, we will get because you belong to us" it screamed. i keep on falling deeper into my subconcious, its messy up there and there seems to be no way out, my eyes cant open and its seems i'm in a different world with no lights. i scream hard and loud but no one seems to hear or understand me, my head hurts "oh please make it stop" i hear myself say.

i open my eyes and its morning, i'm in class and my physcology professor has just ended his lecture with the term "know yourself". No one seemed to have noticed anything strange with me, it seems i've been in class for 3 hours cos its already 1.00. everything around me looks normal but my head hurts like hell and my eyes feel like dropping to the floor. "what the hell is wrong with me" i'm thinking.

i close my eyes to shut out the memories of what has just happened, but it feels like i'm sinking deep into my thoughts again. this thoughts have been wth me since the begining of time, they keep growing as i come to age, asking me the same questions over and over again, i do not have the answer i scream to them, but they don't leave me alone. they are like shadows, always with you better than a friend, if only i can call them my friends then maybe they would leave me alone. i wish i had the answers to their questions, but how can i know myself when i have no parents to tell me about myself or where i came from, the only thing i can call my own is the scar on my forehead and the lion crest on my chest.

i have tried to run away from these demons who call themselves my thoughts but no matter how i try to run away, they catch up with me and tear me apart, they are so many of them and he's name is LEGION for they are many, they leep screaming the question  "who are u?"

The End

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