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Natalie at the age of six had seen her parents murder and is now on the run. Why were her parents killed, and why do these people want her? those are questions to be asked

I’ve worked my whole life on the art of looking happy and normal but the problem is I’m not happy and I can never be normal. My parents were killed when I was six. As traumatic as that is what really get’s to me is the fact that the people who killed them were coming after me. Why? Well now that’s the question that needs to be answered. So since then I have spent every day on the run, every waking hour devoted to finding out who wants me and why? I’m hoping my latest lead will get me somewhere. It all begins with a phone call and ends with the death of one of us. So what I’ve learned is the group is called armor and that it’s better to shut up and listen than to try to always get the upper hand. Because that leads you down a road you may never come back from.

                                                            Ch. 1                                                     

            March 31, 2002 my dad and I were watching T.V. while my mother was in the kitchen making dinner when a knock came at the door I felt a shift in my father. He looked at me asking me to play hide n’ seek in my favorite spot feeling a prick of panic because although my father had kept his cool I felt the urgency in his eyes. So before I tucked myself away in our grandfather clock positioned just down the hall so you couldn’t see it from the living room, I watched my father open the door and two men dressed in black pushed their way in “Times up Derek, where’s the child?” The man showed his gun while he spoke where as the other one eyed my mother and looked at our things. “You can’t have her she’s ours.” My fathers’ voice couldn’t have been any colder than if he was standing in the middle of Antarctica during blizzard season. “Well if you must feel that way then I insist we try to make this easier” he raised the pistol to my mothers’ head and pulled the trigger. “That’s better right? Now please just tell us where the girl is.” My fathers’ last word was “No” and on that note I closed the clock door and sat silent, shaken, and alone. The men walked around looking through everything shaking this, rocking that but I sat still. Even as the one who killed my parents grabbed the door to my hiding place I didn’t even utter a word. Then as if by a saving grace the one without the guns phone rang a loud urgent tone. “It’s him” was all they said before watching the other for a reaction. “We have to find the child; we can’t leave while we are so close. I can feel that she’s here” 

“Well the mom said she’s not, he wants us back he has a new lead on where the girl might be” his voice was calm and reassuring  probably why he didn’t have a gun his voice was the only weapon he needed. So they left my house leaving no clue to what had gone on that night. For when I walked out of my hiding place my parents were gone along with the blood, dinner and most of our things, but what were left were my memories. So slowly I searched for whoever “He” is, whoever wanted me. The only problem was I had nothing to go on. All I really knew was those men worked for “him.” That they killed for “Him” and he wanted me so badly he sent those men after me with guns no less. “He” sent them searching for me. So now my mind was filled with questions which at this point were unanswerable even unfathomable. What could a child mean to him? What had my parents done that would get us to where we are? So I sat and waited for someone to come, but who knew this had happened well no one but me and those men so I grabbed what I deemed necessary, took the money we had and left that house dead set on never coming back, never remembering what a six year old should never know, see, or have anything to deal with.


            It’s been  years 11 to the day since the murder of my parents and I’m doing something I said I would never do I’m going back to my old house. As crazy as the thought seems I’m going to look for clues because last night I got a phone call from them. Turns out they weren’t just looking for me as a kid they aren’t going to stop looking for me as in ever. So here I sit  on a city bus looking out the window at our familiar town  trying to suppress the memories  of my parents buying me ice cream from one of those vans that drive around playing that annoying music, or of my mother sneaking me out for a late night pizza run, or even of my family swinging me in the park. No, I was here on a mission to find one tiny little thing those men might of missed in their mad dash out the door. So here I was scared as hell walking off of the bus at my house. Going through flashback after endless flash back till I arrived at my door hands shaking I slowly opened the door. It was as if I was that six year old child again, but there wasn’t time for that. I walked in to find nothing changed everything was in the same spot I had left it 11 years ago. No one had bothered to sell it people around here would rather have no one in it than forget the people who use to. I looked at every square inch of the house finding little, but I did find a small card but it was coded. So I sat down at our table scrambling to un coded it trying possibility after possibility. I was so desperate to  know the answer but after four hours I finally had to give in and realize that no matter how hard I tried these people were the only ones to be able to un code it. So the question was should I meet them like they asked, or keep my low profile? That had got me nowhere, well somewhere but not far. They were my answer but was this a sign of defeat? No freaking way, I am going to strategize this, I am going to beat them, and I am going to kill them. So I pulled out my phone and dialed the number with steady hands because I would not show these people fear. It rang only once before that eerily familiar voice came on in that sharp angry to the point tone. “I expected you to call sooner, that was our deal.”

            “Yea well I didn’t” my voice matched his

            “Then the deal is off we will go back to hunting you our way.” He had that angry clicked to his voice like he wanted to say the whole word but always cut himself short.

            “Stop, here’s the thing you want something from me and I want something from you. So we do this on my terms I agree to meet you and only you phone boy, tonight eight you show with anyone else and I run this time you get no chance of finding me.” I heard a quiet laugh.

            “We’ll find you.”

            “Yeah when I want you to, Deal?” and the phone went dead “I’m guessing that’s a yes.” I only had an hour to kill so I walked over to our grandfather clock tracing it’s outline. The beautiful flowers and vines that ran around its base then I unlatched it and let out a sad sort of sigh. I don’t know what I expected; okay I know what I wanted I wanted to see that scared, sad child, I wanted to pull her out and comfort her. To let her know everything would be okay, that she would be okay. The truth was the only thing inside was emptiness about like what was now inside of me. So I shut the clock and wandered off to my room just about on the brink of tears when I saw the purple walls, and canopy over my bed, with purple covers and a teddy bear placed on the pillow mound. The comforter was even still ruffled the way I left it. I set my hand down on it but the memory of the warmth was gone and that little child that use to live here had grown up. So as a tear fell the clock chimed eight and I wiped it away, and in that emotional girls state a stone was placed in her spot, one that would take a lot to break. So I headed down to the park where I was finally going to meet the man on the phone and get my answers.

            It was fall so it was already getting dark by now and I saw a shape move at the tree line it was only a squirrel or so I tried to convince myself. So wandered over to a bench and sat down as I watched the only thing that kept me focused was the clock that sat in the middle of the square I sat there for nearly an hour when I went to leave I saw his figure appear I wanted to run to him, yet I also wanted to just attack him. I walked closer not quite sure that this wasn’t a trick so I still kept the distance large enough for me to make my get away.

            “Your fearful, rightfully so, now you want to talk let’s talk” he held out his hand to a bench that was next to him but I didn’t want to go where he wanted so I turned around and headed to my own bench. He was still in the dark and where I was standing the light from the street showed half my face and I could feel its welcomed heat. I wanted to always be sure I had a getaway close but the only getaway near him was a tree and I was in a skirt and trees and skirts don’t mix well. I saw his figure give a huge sigh but he followed anyways and sat beside me. He was a young man not much like what I expected he was probably six foot something and ten times stronger. His hair was a jet black, his eyes an ocean blue, and his face was tan like he was from a foreign place. He stared down at me waiting for me to talk, here I was finally getting a chance to get answers but I was frozen.

            “Why do you want me?” my voice was choked before I corrected it

            “We will get to that”

            “Why did you kill my parents?”

            “We will get to that”

            “Do you really think I came here to get no answers I want them now so answer me.”

            “You came here to get answers you stay here because I am the only one who can give them to you”  his voice has less of that urgent tone and I’m guessing it’s because the one thing he was looking for was on a bench next to him. Damn I feel stupid I was getting nowhere and he had all the advantages.  So I was at least going to get one answer.

            “What does this say” I said pulling out the card I had found at the house.

            “Damian Marcus that would be me and it has my number which you seem to already know.” I saw shapes move near the tree line human shapes to be specific so I stood up and swung myself around but two huge hands grabbed me and hulled me back.

            “You’re a smart girl Natalie but you aren’t going to get away that easily this time.” I kept fighting but a rag went up to my mouth making me breath in this god awful throat burning fumes but then there was nothing.

            I awoke to the sound of an engine and men talking one was the man I had talked to last night and the other a toll booths men. We had taken off not long after I had awaked and were on the road again. “Good Morning Natalie”

            “Where are you taking me?!” I demanded but my voice sounded like I had been up all night hacking.

            “Here why don’t you drink this” I had been stuck in the passenger seat with a coat laid over me and when I reached for the cup I found a pleasant surprise I had rope around my hands not allowing them farther than my belly button.  “Sorry about that Nat we are just taking precautions, don’t want a runaway on our hands now do we?” I leaned in and took huge sips of the water and leaned back.

            “Don’t ever call me Nat only my friends and parents call me that and you are neither.”

            “I was hoping we might become friends”

            “Yes of course we can become friends because you know I always knock out my friends with gas and tie their hands to their waist but you know what we do when we really want to have fun we take a gun and play Russian rullet now let’s become besties. Asshole.”

            “Natalie stop or someone is going back to being a silent passenger” I bit my lip because I had a lot more to say but what was more important was focusing on how to get out. So because I had been on the run for so long from these people I had planned for something like this. I turned myself to find no seat belt so I turned all the way around so I faced him and had my back to the door. I tried to chat with him but he nearly shut all conversation down after that little talk. So next tactic of distraction.

            “Can you turn on the radio please and not that old people shit?”

            “Natalie you will not speak that way”

            “To hell with how I speak I don’t have to be proper and especially not to you. Now please turn on the radio” he wasn’t happy but he did it. So with that noise I slowly broke free of my bonds knot after endless knot then finally the rope fell. I scrambled to hide it and placed my hand on the door when we came to a stop sign I opened the door and went to bail but he was faster. He grabbed my arms and pulled me back in “That was kind of close sort of looked like you were trying to escape I know your smarter than that. You wouldn’t want me to hurt you now would you? So if I keep the bonds off can you promise not to run?” he was a freaking mad man I tell you so being the teenager I am I lied agree to his terms. Next red light same scenario different outcome this time his hand grazed me leaving small welts but I got away. To my advantage there was a forest my new best friend.

The End

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