Who am I?

A girl wakes up in the woods with no recollection of how she was put there. Bruised, cut and scarred she tries finding her way out as well as who she is as she cant remember a thing. The only thing she remembers is a name called Michael Davies. Paired with this name she has a blurred image of the man.

I felt a cold shiver creep down my spine followed by something rubbing softly off my arm. I opened my eyes but it didnt feel like they were open because it was pitch black. As my eyes adjusted I stroked the back of my head to be greeted with an unfamiliar aching pain.

When my eyes had fully adjusted I could still barely see a thing. There was not a soul around.  As far as I could tell I was in a wood area. There were trees swaying in the sly wind. As i rose to my feet my whole body ached in excruciating pain. As I nearly collapsed onto the muddy floor below I happened to catch myself and I readjusted. 

I had no recollection of how I ended up where I was. I couldnt remember anything. I tried to remember something, which would give me a clue to who i was but I couldnt think of a simple thing. Not even what people called me when they wanted to grab my attention.

I looked down at my bruised, battered body. I was cut and there was scars on my arms and legs. I was wearing a T-shirt and skirt. It was weird I could remember the names of things like trees and skirt but for the life of me I couldnt remember who the hell i was. I heard a noise in a bush across from me. I stopped in my actions. Noise again. As I walked over to the bush I saw  . . .

The End

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