Who Am I

what is this life

I am crushed from this life 
Shot down and dropped from this life
Kicked out with no time in this life
Only to be brought down from this life 

I get nothing from this life
Not a thing from this life
Why do i have this life?
Only to be nothing in life

Am i from this life?
Is that why i don't have a thing from this life?
I have nothing in this life
so that means i am not in this life 

Well i am from this life 
but only a fade in this life
with nothing to give in this life
so why do i have this life?

God please tell me about this life
This life that has no meaning 
Please tell me something about this life
Which i don't have nothing in

What if i do have something in this life
Maybe I'm giving up on life 
Before life even started
So lets explain this life

This life that we think has no meaning 

The End

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