who am are you I ?Mature

self reflection of internal afflictions

who am I trying to kid right?

a phony on an imaginary pony?

who am i trying to convince?

my mind ?

my heart ?

the people who don't give a fuck anyway.

who am I trying to please

the true self screaming to be freed

the temporary society I place myself in?

who is this person that i am trying to be?

who is this girl who hides hear fears and shortcomings

who fakes it in the hope of making it

who am i ?

why do i give a fuck what you think

why do your opinion matter so much

are you going to be with me in 5 years

probably not right?

so who am i


why am i asking you this?

a rhetorical projection of the truth i try and run away from

a shadow of the hypocrite trying to quit

the after taste of bitter-ed decisions

or the attempts of the work in progress

the try and try again s

the re-occurrence of lessons not learned

find out who you are and do it on purpose

they say

don't give a fuck and live

they say

this is a selfish generation

and it' okay

for what the heart is full of the life will flow over of

what is true can never stay hidden

what is pure can never be killed

The End

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