chapter 3: Part 7

"I suck at this!" Maya cried in frustration, as Danielle threw her across a matt backwards for about the fiftieth time. "And anyway, I thought we were going to be learning how to use magic, not self defence."

"Magic later, you need to be able to fight without it first. Some Darklighters and even some powerful Demokhs have the ability to null you of your powers, then you're useless if you can't fight hand to hand combat." Danielle offered her a hand, and Maya took it, sighing. "Don't look at me like that! Come on, I need Jordan if we're going to teach you how to wield your powers, I'm not assigned to you."

"All right, okay. But you couldn't show me something else? Something you can do?"Maya said, rubbing her elbow where she'd landed on it.

Danielle hesitated, before grinning at her. "All right then, I'll show you what I specialise in. It's a form of Duplication, but- well, you'll see." Still grinning, she stepped back and shut her eyes. Maya waited, but nothing seemed to be happening. She was just about to say something when she heard a growl from behind her. Jumping, she spun round to see a tiger, stalking forwards towards her. Instinctively she moved back, and looked at Danielle, startled. The other girl opened her eyes and smiled. "Cool huh? I can split off parts of my soul, and put them into other beings, animals." 

Maya breathed out, turning back to look at the tiger, it jumped, and as it sailed past her it was a bird, then a deer, and as it impacted with Danielle, it seemed to be drawn inside her. "Comes in handy when I'm fighting, my opponents don't usually expect there to suddenly be a tiger behind them." She chuckled.

"So that's how it works then? Everyone specialises in one thing, and then learns new things on top of that?"

"Yes, usually. But some people specialise in more than one thing. Gia specialises in telekinesis, but also she's one of the best healers on the council. She used to work in a hospital before she came here."

"And Leonardo? Will I... you know... have the same one that he had?"

Danielle's face darkened, "Well... I don't know. Most of us were pretty shocked that you even survived the passage of his Whitelight."

"Shocked that I survived? You mean... you thought I would have... died?" Maya was shocked, she knew there was a risk, but Danielle seemed to be in awe that she was even alive.

"Yes. Leonardo knew it to, he didn't let on how much of a risk it was." She sounded more annoyed now. "But due to the fact that he was one of the five and-" She stopped abruptly, and looked annoyed at herself.

"One of the what?"

"Nothing! Forget I said anything." Danielle turned back, looking like she wanted to kick herself. "Come on, give me three more laps of the gym, then when Jordan gets here, we can start you on some proper training.

Maya wanted to argue back, it was clear to her that everyone knew a lot more than she did. But she sighed heavily, and began jogging round the gym.

The End

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