chapter 3: Part 6

The training centre was huge, and like the most expensive gym ever, with added facilities. There were gyms and weight rooms, a huge swimming pool, a gymnasium, and so many more rooms Maya lost count. Danielle explained what they were used for as they went round. "Weapons training takes place here, one on one combat in this room..." 

Danielle led Maya into the final room, or more of a hall really, it was so big. "This is where we'll get started, the combat room. Let me just clear these losers out." She grinned at Maya to show she was joking, then strode over to where some guys were making the air around them shimmer and glow. Maya looked up at the combat room again. It was awesome, a hugely high ceiling, with rafters at the top. Some sort of confusing looking climbing wall was suspended on one wall, going all the way to the ceiling. At the back of the room, she could see what looked like huge jars of liquid, and... could she be wrong?.... no, there was a jar of fire, swirling and shifting in the jar. High windows lined the walls, flooding the room with light. The floor seemed to be marked out with a huge combination of swirls and labels in a language that she didn't recognise, it took her a moment to figure out that it was a map. She leant down and traced her finger over the worn edges of an image engraved into the floor, turning her head to see it properly, she realised it was some sort of city, or collection of buildings. 

"That was Oriandor." Maya jumped, and looked up to see that Danielle had walked back over to her, and was watching her study the map. "It was a huge city at one point, practically the capitol." 

"What happened?"

Danielle's face clouded over slightly, "Darklighters happened." She said flatly. 

There was a little silence "So you're like... at war with them?" She asked

"Well... yes. They want to wipe out our race, create a world full of Darklighters. Mortals never cease to amaze me, they pass off such huge developments in battles as freak storms, earthquakes or other occurrences. You know the earthquake that happened father east earlier this year?" 

"Oh yes" Maya remembered, there had been a whole set of television programmes on it, the earthquake had destroyed so many homes and killed hundreds and hundreds.

"Well, that was no natural occurrence; it was caused by an incredibly powerful Darklighter.  There was a battle raging there at that time. Darklighters had killed a number of us to set an example, then invaded a town there and began killing mortals. Ask Torr if you want to know more, he was there." 

"Why do they do that? Is it just because you have different magic?" Maya asked

"Not really, they're kind were created from ours, a Whitelighter took blood from a Demokh and mixed it with his own, creating a race of cursed Whitelighters, many of them got on with us, even collaborated at first, combining our powers. We all kill Demons and Demokhs when we come across them, and we lived in peace at first. Then they began craving power, power we had held from the beginning. There's been war ever since." 

"How do we- I mean mortals not notice this stuff?" Maya was still coming to grips that she was one of them.

Danielle shrugged "They're dumb, and they don't want to believe in Magic, so why should they?" She grinned suddenly, "Come on, we're not here for a history lesson, we're here to train, let's begin"

The End

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