chapter 3: Part 5

"Wakey wakey..." The voice chimed into Maya's ear, and she rolled over, mumbling nonsense. She hit something hard, on her bed, and her fingers groped around for a moment before her eyes flew open, and she jerked upright.

Jordan was lying across her bed, grinning. She blinked, disorientated. "How did you get in here? What time is it?" She asked sleepily, looking for her clock before she realised it was at home.

"Jordan, you really shouldn't wake her like that, it's cruel." Maya looked up, to see Arlo stood at the window, his back to them. He was just a silhouette in the bright morning light, although as he turned she could make out the light reflecting off his cheekbones and highlighting his eyes. "And it's about dawn by the way."

"Dawn?" She glared back at Jordan "Why the heck'd you wake me up at dawn?"

Jordan laughed and heaved himself off the bed, Arlo walked over and stood next to him. "You need to get used to starting bright and early, it's training day."


Maya looked at herself self consciously in the long mirror. Jordan and Arlo had taken her downstairs, through a  courtyard, across a field and into a maze of other buildings. She was never going to find her way around this place. They'd finally reached a large square building, and inside she'd been introduced to Danielle, who lived pretty much constantly in the training building, or the TC (training centre) She was a short girl with an eyebrow bar and cropped dark red hair. Jordan immediately started flirting with her, but she shut him down pretty quick with an astonishing attitude. She was perfectly nice to Maya though, explaining that the TC was the only place Whitelighters could practice combat without breaking any rules. Maya asked if people got hurt practise fighting, and Danielle merely flashed her a grin and said "The Whitelighters who specialise in healing do their job pretty well." She then gave Maya some training gear to put on, and told her to meet back outside, so she could be given a tour. 

The training clothes were rather tight. A little too tight compared to what she usually wore. She had been given black leather-like leggings, a dark long sleeved cotton shirt and a jacket made of the same substance as the leggings, but with loads of little pockets, zips and attachments. She pulled on the black boots Danielle had given her, turning away from her reflection. She knew it was stupid, but she felt a little nervous. The same nervous one gets when doing an exam, or reading a speech in public. 

Maya pushed the butterflies in her stomach down, swatting them with an imaginary net. Shoving her clothes into a bag, she walked outside to join the others. 

Danielle nodded when she saw Maya, as if it pleased her to see Maya looking more like one of them. Jordan and Arlo looked her up and down, and she tried to not feel self conscious. "Nice outfit" Jordan commented, "Don't worry, it's what everyone wears when training or fighting."

Maya turned to Danielle, and realised that she too had changed into gear. "You two go... get gear or training posts or whatever you guys do, I'm giving Maya the tour and then we'll get started on basics." 

"We'll see you later." Arlo said, to her or Danielle Maya didn't know. But as he walked past her, he leaned down and muttered "And by the way, the gear suits you." His cool breath on her neck made her shiver, and she half smiled at him.

"Thanks, see you guys." She said, watching them go before turning back to Danielle.

"Right, come one then" She said, shrugging away from the wall she'd been leaning against and grinning at Maya. "Let's get cracking" 

The End

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