chapter 3: Part 3

The shower was amazing, a fancy power shower thing with glowing lights and about fifteen different settings. Maya tried several out, but after hitting 'jet' by accident, and drenching the entire bathroom, she decided to stick with 'massage.'

Afterwards she went over to the wardrobe and sifted through it. They must know my clothes size as well as everything else about me she thought, as almost everything in the wardrobe was in her size, and in colours that matched her auburn hair and hazel grey eyes. 

"Need help picking?" She jumped round, clutching her skimpy towel to her body.

"Jordan! Get out!" 

"What? Arlo thought you might have fallen down a well or something, and so forced me to come check on you" He smirked, glancing at her dripping hair and body. 

She pulled the towel self-consciously, on one hand, she was pleased Arlo had concern for her, on the other, he had terrible timing. "Jordan! I'm hardly decent for check ups, can you go out!" He grinned, clearly enjoying her reaction.

"Your nudity doesn't bother me, in fact, if it would make you feel more comfortable, I could remove some of my own-" He never finished his sentence, as Maya pushed him out the door and shut it in his face.

"I'll be out in five minutes!" She called out, going back to the wardrobe. She pulled on a pair of tight black jeans- a little too tight perhaps- and a burgundy strap top. Pulling her own leather jacket back over the top, she dragged a brush through her hair and stepped outside, locking the door behind her and slipping the key into her pocket. "Okay, see? Patience isn't that bad." She said to Jordan, who was leaning against the wall and watching her with humour in his eyes.

"I'm not an especially patient person, but Arlo's even less patient than I am. Come on, we should get down before all the food's gone."

The End

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