chapter 3: Part 2

Maya curled up on the floor, her back against the wall, waiting. She wasn't sure when Torr was coming to get her, and she didn't feel like asking if she could wait with Gianna. 

Why am I so tired? She thought miserably as she let her head rock back against the wall, letting her eyes flutter shut. She'd slept in late, but the teleportation business had shaken her awake. Perhaps it wasn't tiredness, perhaps it was just the overwhelming thought of what she was doing. What was she doing? Stepping straight into a world she knew nothing about, possessing powers she didn't know how to control, and living with people who wanted her eliminated. 

She missed her favourite mug. 

Someone cleared their throat, and Maya shot upright, hitting her head on a small ledge that ran along the wall. "Ow." She rubbed it, looking up at the throat-clearer.

"My apologies," Torr stared down at her, his huge head inches from her face, she pushed away the instinct to be afraid of the huge dog. "I did not mean to make you jump."

"'S okay." Said Maya, pulling herself to her feet. Even standing up, Torr's head came to the same height as her's, she hadn't fully taken in how massive he was when he was in the office. 

"Come, I will take you to your accommodations" He turned, his enormous tail brushing her arm as he did so. The fur was very soft. She trotted to keep up with him. 

"Torr?" She asked apprehensively, she wanted to know more about him, but wasn't sure how to ask.


"Gianna told me that you... weren't always a, um, dog. She said you were cursed. What kind of curse could do that to someone?" She waited nervously for his response. To her relief he turned his head to her and smiled- well, an approximation of a smile. His tongue lolled out the side of his jaws. 

"Gianna does not lie, I was once a man. And the curse bore upon me, well. What kind of curse you ask? One done by a very powerful man. A Darklighter."

"What's with all these Darklighters? I mean, Leonardo mentioned them, and Arlo was going to say something about them when I came in the room. I get the obvious, that they're like you guys, but... the bad versions?"

Torr chuckled at her definition. "In a way, yes. They're not all bad, but they were bred from a different line of blood than us. Demon, and Demokh blood. They wield black magic, incredibly powerful when used right. The only universally opposing threat to Whightlight."

"I think I saw one."

Torr stopped walking, and Maya turned back anxiously. "Saw one? Where?" Her mind flashed back to the man on the road, the man only she could see.

"It was when I was in the car with my aunt, I mean, I don't know for sure, it could have been a Whightlighter, or just my imagination, but I just got a bad sense of... I'm not sure what, a bad feeling. Plus Eliza couldn't see him, and he was stood right in the middle of the road, waiting to be hit by our car." Torr got a far away look in his eyes, filled with emotion Maya  couldn't place. 

"Very well, thank you for telling me, I'll ask Gianna about it, she can talk to the other heads of council. Don't you worry about it." Everyone seemed to be telling her that. Torr led them into another elevator, and down a few floors, Maya walked with him in silence. "Here, this is your room." He stopped outside a large mahogany door, with a gold symbol stamped onto it. Maya pulled out her key, and opened the door. 

Inside the room was splendidly furnished, with a large king sized bed, huge floor to ceiling panelled windows, with a large desk by them. A wardrobe stood in one corner, a chair like the one in Gianna's office in the other. She could see a door near the back, and assumed it was an en suite. Everything in the room was made of dark wood. "Wow, this is... nice" 

"This is the standard accommodation for full time livers, as you will be. You may want to have a shower and get changed, dinner will be downstairs on the ground floor, take the same elevator." He gave her directions to the dining hall, then padded away down the corridor. Maya flopped onto the bed, sighing.

The End

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