chapter 2: part 6

The chatter cut off instantly, Maya stood awkwardly behind Jordan, waiting for someone to do something. 

"Jordan! You're back, did you bring the girl?" 

"She's right here" , Jordan stepped aside, and Maya met the faces of the people in the room. The woman who'd spoken had cropped brown hair, and was quite short. She was wearing a posh looking suit, and hoop earrings. Her face regarded Maya with soothing curiosity.  

The rest of the faces weren't nearly so soothing. Next to the woman (whom Maya presumed to be Gianna) With its paws up on the desk, was the biggest German Shepard Maya had ever seen, it was staring at her with a face that seemed to reflect humanity in the dog's eyes, and no one seemed to be saying anything about the fact that its paws were up on the desk. Behind them sat a girl, well, slouched a girl. She lay across the armchair, her legs hanging over the armrest. When she looked up, Maya saw that one of her eyes was bright, ice blue, whilst the other was so dark it was almost black. 

Her eyes fell on the final person last. He was a guy of about nineteen she guessed, and his eyes were almost completely black. But that was not what made her stare. He was by far the most gorgeous, handsome, attractive boy she'd ever seen. She'd thought Marc was attractive when she met him, but compared to this guy, Marc looked like a pile of trash. Good thing he has the personality to match she thought. The boy who stood in front of her was tall, at least a head taller than her, with black hair that fell into his face like he'd been running his hand's through it a lot. She could see the muscles tensed beneath his tight t shirt, his hands were clenched at his sides. He wore all black, mainly leather, with a large cape like item behind him. For some reason she flashed back to Marc dumping her, remembering the promise she'd made to herself: I am so done with love, with boys. Oops. Well it wasn't her fault he was good looking. It took her a while to stare past his hotness, to noticed that he was glaring at her.

She instantly felt awkward and out of place. "Um, hi? I mean..." She trailed off, waiting.

"I'm sorry, please remind me of your name, I don't quite remember it." Gianna asked, walking round to the other side of her desk. 

"It's Maya, Maya Roberts. Leonardo said that-"

"Oh yes 'Leonardo said'," The gorgeous boy spoke for the first time, his voice was harsher than she'd imagined. "As if he was trying to help her, help us! I still say we dispose of her now and save her getting caught by the Dark-" 

"Arlo!" Gianna cut him off sharply "We will not discuss this in front of our guest, and anyway, Torr has already stated why we cannot do that."

"I rest my case" The dog said, taking its paws off the table. The dog said. 

"Woah, you just spoke." Maya pointed out the obvious. The girl at the back laughed, as did Jordan. 

"Indeed I did," The dog said again "but I doubt it's the strangest thing you've seen this week" Maya said nothing.

"What? Dog got your tongue?" Asked the girl, speaking for the first time. Looking at her closely, Maya suddenly realised that she too, like the man in the elevator, had furry ears poking out from her dark hair. They were long and black, blending into her hair, and looked remarkably like wolf's ears. She had a ring through one, and piercings on her lip and nose. Dark, streaking makeup adorned her face, and when she spoke, Maya swore she could have seen fangs flash behind her lips.

"Kara please, this is hardly the time to taunt her, she must have had a hard few days, with all of what Leonardo did for her." Gianna protested. Everyone began talking at once then, raising in volume as they struggled to be heard. 

"What he did for her?! More like what he's done to her!" Arlo snarled.

"It's not like she knew what she was letting herself in for..." Torr said, trying to calm Arlo.

The argument got louder and more heated, the only one who didn't join in was Jordan, he leant back against the door and examined his nails. The noise bored into Maya's head, and a wave of anger broke through her. Who were they to stand here insulting her? She didn't know where she was, what she was doing and they just expected her to get along fine?!  Well they could just- 

"Maya, Maya! Stop it!" hands shook her shoulders, it was Arlo, his face inches from hers, she staggered back.

"Stop what?!" 

"The fire!" She looked down, flames were erupting around her, swirling and dancing around her legs, she yelled, but they weren't burning her. She fell to the floor, rolling sideways to get away from them, they burnt out instantly, leaving behind the faintest smell of smoke. Maya looked up into the five pairs of curiously horrified eyes. 

Finally Gianna cleared her throat. "I think that's enough for tonight. All of you, go on, out, I think I need to help Maya get settled in here."

The End

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