chapter 2: part 5

Maya'd heard about teleporting in the name of science, seen actors do it in films, read about it in books, but nothing prepared her for what it would be like. 

Imagine being on a roller coaster. In the pitch black, not seeing where the track led. With only one person to hold onto. Now imagine all that times ten, but without a roller coaster to support you. That was what she felt. It didn't help that she could feel Jordan laughing at her clutching onto him for support. They seemed to whirl around, make several sharp turns, then begin to ascend upwards. The entire time, flashes of light appeared and disappeared like fireworks in the night. Finally they surfaced, the light momentarily blinding Maya. Then she blinked and looked around. 


The court was... Impressive to say the least.

They appeared in what seemed like a corridor, only it was huge, with a ceiling that stretched so high Maya wasn't sure she could see the top. People surged all around her, pulling and pushing along. She was still clutching Jordan, and didn't have any intention of letting go, if she did, she feared she would be swept away. He hauled them to the side, pulling her against him into the corner of the... room? She looked up, his face was very close to hers, a lazy smile on his face. She pulled back, sighing with annoyance. "Where do we go?"

"I need to take you to Gianna, she's one of the heads of council, she'll find you a place to stay, people to take care of you. Of course, if you like, I'd be perfectly happy to take care of you" He laughed, trailing a hand up her arm to her shoulder, she smacked it away. 

"Stop that! Okay just take me to Gian- whoever it was! It's so crowded here" He led them back into the crowd before making such an abrupt turn off that she almost lost him, he pulled her into an elevator and shut the doors. Maya let out a breath, glad to be free of the hustle downstairs. Jordan pressed the button for the fiftieth floor, and the elevator chugged upwards. "So, are you a Whightlighter then?" She asked, more curiosity than anything.

He laughed at her. "Obviously, do I look like an angel to you? Actually, don't even bother answering that, of course I look that perfect" He flicked his hair back, and Maya rolled her eyes, despite herself, she liked Jordan. Although not like that. "Yes I am a Whightlighter, born and bred. Don't believe me?" He opened his hand, to reveal a small, blue flame flickering there, it grew and grew, and Maya was beginning to worry that he was going to set the lift on fire, when he shut his hand around the flame, extinguishing it.

She sighed "I never actually said I didn't believe you." At that moment, the lift stopped and the doors opened, on the thirty first floor. A tall man stepped in, copper coloured skin and dark blue hair. Maya thought she could see long, furry ears producing from the top of his hair, but it could have been a trick of the light. He glanced over to her, and then at Jordan.

"Jordan! Nice to see you again." He had a slight accent Maya couldn't place, and something about his tone implied that he and Jordan knew each other rather well. Jordan obviously want picky with who he was with. The man was leaning close to Jordan, obviously flirting, and Jordan grinned at her expression when the man wasn't looking. 

Maya looked away, focusing on the numbers as they ticked upwards. Forty five, forty six... forty nine, fifty. She jumped out as soon as the doors opened, and turned to wait for Jordan he lingered, clearly enjoying the annoyance it was causing her. He turned to whisper something to the man before following her into the corridor which was far less crowded than the one downstairs. "What?" he asked innocently.

She made a noise of annoyance "I take it you're that close with everybody?" 

"If your insinuating that I sleep around, it's only because of the natural attraction caused when I get too close to anyone" He said, she couldn't help but laugh, even though it was at him, not with him. "Here we are." He stopped outside a wooden door with a gold plaque reading Gianna Heronson, third head of council, 0442. Maya could hear voices on the other side. They sounded like they were in the middle of an argument. "Well, come on." 

Jordan knocked once on the door before pushing his way in. Unsure of what else to do, Maya followed.

The End

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