chapter 2: part 4

It was late afternoon when he came. Maya had been in bed most of the day since the ritual took place, she seemed more tired than usual. The only thing that had got her out of bed was her remembrance of the fact that today was the day that a member of the Court would be coming for her. It suddenly occurred to her that she hadn't packed, but she had no idea what she needed. She pulled out her leather backpack, and stuffed a change of clothes, some mints, her phone and her favourite book inside, she stopped, hesitating, before plucking the photo of her and her father out of her bedside table, and slipping it into her bag. 

I see you still have the photo of you and your father that I took.

Maya pulled off her pyjamas and showered, blow drying her hair, then pinning the top part back. She grabbed some black jeans, a t shirt and her boots, then tried to relax. She couldn't sit still for long, and found herself drifting around the flat over and over again, restless. She finally forced herself down, laying back on her bed. She wished she had gotten to say goodbye to Leonardo, even though she hadn't known him for long, she felt as though some part of her were missing. She thought of the raven, somehow he had been linked to Leonardo, and felt sad. 

It was then that he arrived.

There was a fizzing, like the air being let out of a bottle, she sat up, pressing back against the wall, holding her breath. Maya wasn't sure how, but she could sense that something was happening. The fizzing stopped, and nothing happened for a few moments, before a huge popping noise sounded, making her jump. Colours swirled around the room and the air seemed to bend inwards, morphing and stretching, after a second, the popping noise ended, and there was a boy standing in her room. He couldn't have been more than nineteen, but with Whightlighters (as she assumed he was) it was difficult to tell, he could be a hundred for all she knew. He had white hair, literally white, not blonde, hanging to his shoulders, but it was pulled back into a loose ponytail. He turned towards her, and Maya saw he was rather handsome, with a defined jawline and silvery eyes rimmed with thick lashes. She also noted his eyes were strictly defined with dark eyeliner, but it didn't strike her as odd; it made him look older and mysterious. Maya pulled her legs in, waiting. 

He grinned at her, bowing low in mock respect. "Maya Roberts, I presume, either that, or her gorgeous older sister." He winked at her, but Maya got the feeling he was one of those people who flirted with everyone.

"You presume correctly, and you are from the Court?" She asked, moving to the edge of her bed.

"Jordan Silora, at your service." He paused, eyeing her up and down "So it's true, Strovinski passed on his Whightlight to you." His brow creased for a second, like he was remembering a bad time. "Well, Maya, I hope you've packed, because we're leaving now." He grinned again, gesturing to her bag. She jumped up, scooping it up and pulling on her leather jacket.

As she turned back, Jordan's hand's brushed her hair back stroking her neck. She pulled back suddenly "What are you doing?!" She accused frowning at him. 

He stepped back hands raised, still grinning, "Woah relax, I was just trying to see your mark!" 

"My mark?" She asked, confused

"Yeah, you know, it shows who you are, you can sign with it instead of using your name if you want. Look, I'll show you" He turned, pulling his hair up out of the way, she leaned up, he was taller than her by quite a lot and she had to go on her toes to see. On the back of his neck, tattooed into place, were four overlapping circles. "My mark, or my impression as we call it." 

"Oh, will I get one?" She asked, raising her hand to the back of her neck.

"You already have one." Jordan replied, Maya looked at him.


"It's what I was trying to look at, why, did you think I was coming on to you?" He grinned, pleased with her reaction when she blushed.

"Of course not! You just startled me, now show me the mark." She said, turning to the mirror.

He pulled her hair back for her to see, straining her head round she caught a glimpse of her 'impression.' It was the same mark that had been on the letter from Leonardo, she realised it must have been his, passed onto her when he gave her his powers. "I always wanted a tattoo." She murmured to no one in particular. Jordan chuckled.

"We should really get going, before the Court think I've run off with you." He said it in a tone that sounded like it was exactly what he wanted to do. "Give me your hand, we're going to teleport." He grinned at her expression, but she offered her hand to him, he took it calmly, as she leant forward in apprehension. "And for the record," He said "If I was coming on to you, I'd make it a whole lot more obvious." As he said it, he pulled her close suddenly, so her body was pressed against his. She didn't have time to protest, as he muttered something she didn't understand, perhaps a spell or whatever they did, and they combusted into thin air.

The End

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